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GMO Corn Banned in Mexico
by Jeff Clemetson, Managing Editor Corn has always been a dietary staple for the people of Mexico. Long before the Conquistadors captured Central America, corn was the staple crop for the Mayans and other civilizations that thrived in the regions of Mexico. The importance of corn’s natural heritage is... Read more
The World vs Monsanto

The Russians may have lost the Cold War, but when it comes to food safety, they have us beat by a mile. Last week, Russia announced that it would suspend the import and sale of GMO crops after a French study showed rats who ate GMO corn had an increased risk of developing tumors. The Russian consumer-rights regulator Rospotrebndzor asked to have the French study reviewed by scientists at the country’s Institute of Nutrition, but took no chances with the the Russian people’s health by postponing the ban.

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