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Fun Fitness Activities to Cure and Keep Away Those Winter Blues
Have you been wondering about what you could do to stay fit during these cold winter days when you have to basically stay indoors or brave the chilling air or go to the gym?  Unless you live in Puerto Rico or Honolulu chances are you’re not getting out as... Read more
Your metabolism and ways to boost it
Fitness can provide strength, stamina and flexibility to the body for proper functioning and health and can prepare the body for the physical necessities of your daily life.  Fitness and the well balanced diet proper diet can perfect and prepare the body and keep it fined tuned for whatever... Read more
6 Top ways to have fun and stay fit
Where does it say that staying fit has to be painful and excruciating?  There are many fun ways to stay fit or to get back in shape so you can enjoy a healthy style of life without ache full body pains or chin splints from heavy aerobics.  While a... Read more
Change up your workouts for fitness and fun

It’s so important to switch up your workouts. It’s easy to forget or get comfortable with certain lifts and continue to do the same things day in and day out at the gym…

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How to Measure Your Workout Intensity
Not only exercising but doing it the right way is a very important function of a healthy body. A half hour per day six days a week should do the trick and keep you on the right track. Rest is also very important so make sure to get plenty... Read more
SC College to Require Fitness Assesments

South Carolina ranked the 8th fattest state in the US has an adult obesity rate of 30.9 % has undertaken new guidelines to help reduce the weight of the incoming freshmen students into its University system.

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