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Medical September 10, 2012

Amyloidosis is a term used for a group of disorders in which abnormal proteins called amyloids are mistakenly deposited into the tissues and/or organs. These abnormal proteins or amyloids are usually made by cells in the bone marrow and can be deposited in any organ or any tissue throughout the body…

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Maintain Your Happy and Healthy Eyes
One major contributor to eye trouble is a poor diet, specifically the denatured, chemical and preservative laden foods that most Americans consume daily.  A deficiency of just one vitamin can lead to various eye problems.  We have all experienced eye problems at one time or another, tired eyes, bloodshot... Read more
Your eyes need a good workout too
The use of eyeglasses or contacts is common everywhere and in all walks of life but looking for options to them have always been hard to find and in some circles it is believed that a persons eyesight will deteriorate during the course of one’s life.  This is not... Read more