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Smaller Bits of Food May Aid in Weight Loss
After a meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior researchers came to the conclusion that humans as well as animals preferred eating smaller bits of food as they found it more satisfying and enjoyable and may help people control their weight more easily because they are... Read more
Reason Why That Latest Diet May Not Be Working
  So you been skipping meals for a week now and being a stickler for portions controls and you feel that you are eating less and less every day and diligently working out day after day 6 days per week and yet you have not lost one single pound.  ... Read more
Easy tips to stay in shape

Staying in shape is not as hard or as strenuous as one would think…

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Dangers of deprived sleep

It has been a well known fact that too little sleep can make you more susceptible to overeating, so try to consider that when you’re trying to stay in shape or lose weight…

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Five ways soda effects your health
The next time that you reach for that refreshing ice cold, sugary sweet, carbonated canned drink, think again.  Although it feels great to down a can of the old fizz there are some hazards that you should be aware of. Drink Soda, extract Calcium When you drink soda, which... Read more