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5 smart things to do when you are diagnosed with diabetes
When your body is not able to use the glucose which is produced by the foods that you eat then you are most likely to develop type 2 diabetes which is caused by your body’s tolerance to glucose.  While there is a direct correlation between obesity and diabetes this... Read more
Helpful Hints for Diabetics
Diabetes has an effect on more than 23 million Americans with 90 % of them having type 2 diabetes.  Diabetes was the sixth leading cause of death and the fifth leading cause of disease in men and women 2007.  So any tips and advice is great and much needed... Read more
Too Much Weight Can Cause Diabetes
Researchers from the University of Michigan have stated that Type 2 diabetes outbreak in the United States can grow larger than previously stated by scientist.  We have known for a long time that being overweight can increase the chances of a person getting diabetes.   This is becoming a... Read more
Three way to avoid diabetes

Almost 26 million Americans have diabetes and as many as three million may have type 1 diabetes…

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