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Tangier Disease
by Kimberly Allen, RN Tangier disease is a very rare genetic disorder that was first discovered in 1961.  It gets it’s name from the island off the coast of Virginia named Tangier island where it was discovered in a young boy and his sister.  Though it was first diagnosed... Read more
Intermittent Claudication
by Kimberly Allen, RN Intermittent claudication is described as a “tight, aching or squeezing pain in the calf, foot, thigh or buttocks that occurs during exercise.”  The reason it’s called intermittent is because the pain disappears after resting.  Claudication is the pain that occurs with exercise.  So basically intermittent... Read more
The Importance of Hydration

Water is the main component in our cells that allows them to communicate with each other. Water is required for nearly all of our body’s functions. Any alteration in the level of water has varying degrees of detrimental effects on health…

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Why You Should Avoid Trans Fats

When Trans Fat first appeared about 100 years ago they appeared to be a great addition to the food industry. Not only did they improve the flavor and texture of foods they also prolonged the shelf life of numerous processed foods ranging from cookies and cakes to frozen pizzas. Unfortunately, later scientists discovered that Trans fats are also a health risk…

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Why too much cholesterol is bad

Cholesterol is an organic fatty substance that is classified as a waxy steroid of fat. What does cholesterol look like? It looks just like crisco. Cholesterol is very important for several reasons. One it is a critical component of cell membranes …

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Lower Your Cholesterol The Natural Way
Low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL) are the two main types of cholesterol which is found in the human body and is a fat like substance that our bodies need for the production of healthy cells, vitamins, bile acids, cell membranes and many types of hormones... Read more
Cut your cholesterol with these easy tips
  A diet low in cholesterol is one of the surest way to improving not only your cholesterol but your peace of mind as well as many scientific studies have linked low cholesterol diets to depression impulsive behavior such as suicide and violence. By avoiding foods high in saturated... Read more
Three reasons to drink wine

Those who do drink wine are probably wise in doing so as the list of wines benefits continues to grow.

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Gene linked to longevity

A new study released by the American Geriatrics Society discovered a gene or what some scientist deems to call,”super agers”. This study indicates that people who live over the age of 95 tend to have a healthier lifestyle than other people who passed away at an earlier age…

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