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How Well Do You Know Your Brain?
Out of all of the organs in the human body the human brain can be considered the star of the show for without it you can forget it literary but really folks our brains are the most complex and yet least understood part of the human body.     For instance... Read more
Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp
Remember all the times you shook someones hand heard them introduce themselves and then a second later you forget their name?  Well welcome to the club as everyone wants to have a sharp mind and memory.  By exercising your brain you can also improve your attitude as you will... Read more
Love That “Runners High” When Working Out?
Working out doesn’t have to be all hard work, sweating, huffing and puffing and wishing you never got out of bed.   A workout should be fun, inspirational, exciting and leave you that feel good feeling that leaves you refreshed and loving life.  A good workout routine should give... Read more
Debunking the myths about epilepsy

Epilepsy is a word used to describe a wide variety of “chronic neurological disorders” That are characterized by seizures. In order to understand epilepsy it is important to realize that it is not a single disorder, but a syndrome that has “vastly divergent symptoms that involves seizures and abnormal electrical activity in the brain…

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