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Postpartum Depression
by Kimberly Allen, RN You’ve been waiting for months to become a mom and the time has finally arrived and you have a new baby.  You expected to be the happiest woman on earth, probably mixed with a little anxiety, but that’s not what happened.  Postpartum depression or PPD... Read more
Breast or Bottle?
by Kimberly Allen, RN One of the first and most important decisions new parents have to make is how to feed their new baby.  Most major medical organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP, the American Medical Association or AMA as well as the World Health Organization... Read more
Caring for a child with Down Syndrome

A friend once told me that for her the only thing that was scarier than having a child with down syndrome was knowing she was going to have a child with down syndrome and waiting fir her to arrive. Then she explained that the reason she wasn’t as afraid when her baby was born was because she had used the ‘waiting time’ to educate herself and her family on down syndrome…

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Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Medical June 15, 2012

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder also called trisomy 21. It occurs in approximately 1 out of every 800 births and is the most common cause of cognitive impairment. Down Syndrome occurs in both males and females as well as all ethnic groups.
We all receive 23 chromosomes from each parent at conception…

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