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Snoring, that irritating noise that keeps people up, sends some to the couch and others to the guest room, occurs when your airway narrows interfering with the air that is passing through as you breathe. Men snore more often than women, studies indicate 45% of men snore, while 30% of women snore…

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Manage Chronic Fatigue the natural way

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is just that a “syndrome”. A syndrome is a collection of signs (visible to others) and symptoms (described by the patient) that occur together. As with many “syndromes” there is no cure. For this reason, many people are turning away from the medications or “conventional medicine” toward alternative and natural treatments. ..

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How TV and video games effect a child’s sleep

It has always been known that children will emulate what they see on TV. But do you really know what the affects of Television can do to your childs sleep?

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Dangers of deprived sleep

It has been a well known fact that too little sleep can make you more susceptible to overeating, so try to consider that when you’re trying to stay in shape or lose weight…

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