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Surf Set Fitness Surf Set Fitness
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Say hi to one of the hottest fitness trends of this 2013 summer in the USA! As more and... Surf Set Fitness

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Say hi to one of the hottest fitness trends of this 2013 summer in the USA! As more and more people hear about this new form of surfing it is catching the attention of the people who constantly seek out for a new and improved form of getting the greatest workout deal of their life!
SurfSET’s class participants ride on an indoor device that simulates the movement of a surfboard on water.  This program is starting to expand with program classes in seven new locations such as, Connecticut, California, Colorado and Crunch Fitness who will also host SurfSET classes in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

surf set board

A Surf Set board will imitate the moves of riding waves and get you fit.

For just $35 a pop, participants ride on a device called the RipSurferX, a knee-high board on top of miniature stability balls that shift as you move. This has an effect on the muscles in your legs, arms, and stomach from the constant work to maintain balance. Getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging your body in new ways. Every exercise on the board is made to place your core at work, stabilize muscles, and hit hard the system to create a real change inside and out. Now that body builder look is turning out to be yesterday’s news. The lean surfer physique is in town around to stay. You have to train like an athlete to build an athletic body. That means intense movements that engage the body and mind in interesting and unique ways. The surf boards also include some pulleys to mimic paddling in the open water. In this core-intensive class, you simulate duck dives, carving and popups, in addition to traditional exercise moves like squats and planks. The workout is really demanding, but you really get many and true benefits from it.
Surfing, of course, can be a tremendous total body workout. It requires core strength, stability, and a great deal of local muscular endurance and power capabilities in the muscles of the upper body—particularly the shoulders and legs.
When told to get ready to start the class, people get excited about exercising because it is sort of like play, and not created like a typical workout. Plus, there aren’t any weights to be found.
An unstable environment forces you to call on your muscles faster. It’s something you don’t really get while being on the floor as much unless you’re doing really advanced movements. It causes your body to essentially freak out.
Sounds tough, right? No need to worry. As you get more practice, you can make the workout more challenging by raising or lowering the stability of the board.
Founder of this genius idea, is the man known as, Mike Hartwick, a former professional hockey player. That stability can become useful when you’re training for sports that require great balance, like stand-up paddling and snowboarding.
However, it is important in any instability exercise to secure the athletes by placing the system near to the wall or a surface that is stable, especially if they are new comers to the movements. A safety valve is need so you don’t plant your face on the ground or fracture a bone.
There is the price factor, also. Classes in major urban areas run around for about $30 a session. If you want to train at home, a RipSurferX will reach deep into your pockets for just about $450. I spending that is not bad at all. It is not like your spending on the top 10 Most Ridiculous Pieces of Exercise Equipment.
There may not be a broad location of studios that have this program operating, but if you happen not to live in reach of any of the locations mentioned above, don’t worry. You should not miss out on the fun. There is sure to be an instructor near you that will help you carry out this neat SurfSet program in your home.
Bottom line is that, if you want to try it, go for it. It is great for working the core and you are sure to have lots of fun! Hahaha, truth is that I’ve already placed my order in for the RipSurferX while writing this article for you, my fellow readers.