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Stay More Focused At Work Stay More Focused At Work
By Staff Writer- Ed Barillas If your part of the large office workforce were offices are divided into cubicles situated in large room with... Stay More Focused At Work

By Staff Writer- Ed Barillas

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If your part of the large office workforce were offices are divided into cubicles situated in large room with 50 to 80 more people on your floor than you are probably having a bit of a rough time staying focused and on the job as there can be a lot of distractions that can interrupt your working time.  Work performance is very important in today’s business world as the unemployment lines grow longer each day and you need to be at your best and in the zone not only to keep your job but to continue to grow within the company who if its a good one rewards its employees with incentives and bonuses for high work marks based on consistent job performance.
To start with you should write or type out your daily task list and overview of the upcoming day the day or night before, never in the morning of your new day as you might forget some small detail and cause you to miss some fine point the next day.
Having a daily task list on my desk keeps me focused and on track and ready for whatever curve-ball may come my way.
It is not advisable to check your emails in the morning at work.  Bills and spam even with all the filters setup can be distracting as some may people may have student loans for example that may be pestering them and adding a load on their backs that they shouldn’t have to deal with throughout the work day. Or perhaps your EX keeps writing and begging to be taken back or you may be arguing with your current partner, the work place is not the place for you to deal with these things.  You are being paid to do a job not to sit at your desk and gripe and moan because your EX wrote you an email in the morning which you opened as soon as you got to work telling you that she wants that super sweet couch that was a haven for late night movies back and the dog as well.
Internet is mostly everywhere imaginable so checking your emails at home when you wake up is the best thing to do, or if you do not have any internet at home try to stop by an internet cafe and kill two birds with one stone and have a large mocha cappuccino and toasted onion bagel lathered in herbed cream cheese while checking your emails and Facebook.  And while on the  subject of Facebook you should without a doubt NEVER check into your Facebook account while at work as Facebook is probably the biggest distraction in the web-world as it is specifically designed to be a distraction, and a very profitable one at that.
A busy workplace also provides with lots of distractions as people are moving back and forth and talking all the time and asking questions every other minute so remembering that you are not the center of the universe will keep you focused and able to help and support others as they themselves have their own task list (hopefully)and need solutions that you can help with as you are all working as a team to achieve the desired company goals.  The music that you listen to can also affect your focus as if done properly can dramatically improve focus and in addition soft music can drown out part of the hustle and bustle going on around you.  I strongly recommend Ambient music and various examples can be found on this genre online on Youtube.  The variety of sounds that you can get are vast and the mood that this soft music gives off is additive at times as the sounds themselves (if you have a good and small sound system with good mini subwhoffer) can trigger lots of good chemicals to be released that will help in keeping you focused, alert and in a good mood.  Music is powerful with the effect that it can have on the human brain as it can make people cry, laugh,  feel sexier, cause fear, dance, fight and basically every emotion that you can think of as the brain is highly sensitive to music and the effect that it has on it.  You may look at it this way I knew of a business that played a hard rock music in its workplace throughout the day (the genre was the owners favorite) and the workers looked disheveled and were stressed out caffeine guzzling sad machine that could not wait to get out of there to feel at peace.
I also know of a business which played Ambient sounds like water sounds, birds and soft electronic music from the beautiful beaches of Ibiza, Spain and their workers looked fresh, happy and most importantly, focused.   Various sound experiments using music have been done on plants and animals with each one revealing more and more about how sound from music can be useful in various areas of health.  If you cannot muster the ambient sounds try to get music that has no lyrics as the audible lyrics can cause you to think about why Madonna is a material girl.
Have your personal water bottle right at your desk if good as going to the office water cooler can get you in conversations with other people that may take your focus away from your task list and will keep you hydrated which is important because if you have a headache simply because you did not get enough water that morning this headache can surely take your mind off your upcoming task list objectives.
With these things in mind you will be able to attack the next workday and keep you in line for that next fat bonus coming your way.

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