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Six fun facts about health Six fun facts about health
Check out these fun facts about health in America... Six fun facts about health
  • On average, a four year old kid will ask 430 questions per day.
    Children just want to find out about their surroundings and to learn about their environment the same way we did when we were little.  This can also be a positive thing since the child is also looking to you as a role model.
  • The scent of bananas, strawberries or an apple can help you in losing weight.
    Edible crystals that smell like bananas, strawberries and apples can affect the way you eat.  The crystals fool your brain into thinking that you have more than you actually have and thus you eat less.
  • Women have a better sense of smell than men.
    Biologically, in many animal species it’s the female that chooses a suitable male.  In one study men were given clean t-shirts to sleep in for two nights.  The shirts were placed in a sealed bag and then given to woman in a study to smell them and rate how attractive they thought the t-shirt wearer was based on the scent.  The most interesting find of the study showed that woman often chose the men who had the strongest immune system or in other words many different antibodies and immunities to diseases.
  • Americans on average eat 100 acres of pizza a day.

Pizza, the cornerstone of every nutritional breakfast and great for lunch and dinner, ranks amongst the best in comfort foods.  There are around 60,000 pizzerias in the United States, which sell be an average of 350 slices eaten per second, plus the pizzas eaten at home and work.

  • Kissing for one minute can help you lose 26 calories.

To start, there are many “moves” involved in passionate kissing like getting the heart to beat faster, an increase in respiration which causes an increase in your metabolism which burns more calories.

  • Avocados and almonds can stimulate sexual desire and increase fertility in people.

The nutrients found therein can keep your heart strong and healthy.  As it would be men with underlying heart disease are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.