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Simply Kendi Simply Kendi
Hey Guys! Well…where to start? I'm a small town girl always have been and always will be. Growing up, I wasn't usually found hanging... Simply Kendi

Health and Fitness Talk recently caught up with Solid Musle Athlete and NPC competitor Kendi Charls, to talk about her life as a fitness competitor, her training and her diet.

Charls recently qualified to compete at the national level for NPC competition and with her positive attitude and dedication to fitness and nutrition, we expect her to do great things. You can follow Kendi Charls’ columns at here.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background?

Hey Guys! Well…where to start? I’m a small town girl always have been and always will be. Growing up, I wasn’t usually found hanging out with all the girls but instead with my neighborhood “little boyfriend” playing sports.

Everyday after school we would play basketball, golf, kickball, soccer, softball…you name it we played it until the sun went down. I started playing team and league sports at a young age and I carried those skills with me as I entered middle school, high school and eventually college.

It’s funny, I actually have a Degree in Fashion Design Textile & Apparel, Business Management and a minor in Accounting. I took this route because it was the road less expected with me.

What led you to fitness competition and healthy lifestyles in general?

I have always been a tomboy so when I chose this major everyone was wondering why I wasn’t doing something along the lines of fitness or athletic training. Heck, everyday I went to class I wondered that myself. Ask any of the girls in my major. I would be the one in workout clothes and they would look nice, hair done, heals on.

Half of the time I would go straight from teaching a spin or kickboxing class right to the sewing lab. After college for a couple of years I was a little lost. I worked out and was in okay shape, but I was missing that competitive edge from sports. Athletics gave me something else to work for other than just academics. When you enter the real world, your job fulfills that academic realm and eventually I found myself eating up 16 hours a day working. I knew at this pace I would quickly hate the job I loved and drive myself away from a good thing. I still was working out at this point but was very interested in what it would be like to really push myself to extremes, see what this body could really do and look like. I had friends that were involved in bodybuilding and so I immediately started asking questions and since my first figure competition in March of 2010 I have become hooked. In a way, it helps me balance my work life and has taught me a lot about myself.

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