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Simple pleasures in fitness diet Simple pleasures in fitness diet
Who says eating healthy has to be so difficult and time consuming? Let's be hones,t I am definitely not a top chef. Heck, I... Simple pleasures in fitness diet

picture of kendi Charlzby Kendi Charls, NPC Competitor

Who says eating healthy has to be so difficult and time consuming? Let’s be hones,t I am definitely not a top chef. Heck, I am not even a wife or mom so even in the off season I like to keep things quick and simple.  I thought I would share a few of my quick and easy favorites.  I am currently six weeks out from my first fitness show of the year and my second national show.  I will be competing at the 2012 Junior National Championships in the windy city of Chicago on June 14-16 and I am stoked!  My prep thus far has been very manageable especially considering the amount of traveling, meal prep and gym time I have to coordinate into my schedule!  I’ve found these easy to make foods help me manage my time and keep me in competition shape to boot:

#1 Breakfast Pancake –
– 1 whole egg
– 4 egg whites
– 1/3 or 1/2 cup dried oats
– 1 tbsp of cinnamon
– 2 splenda packets

Blend together and throw in a frying pan and cook like a pancake.  I make one GIANT pancake; however you could make almost four smaller ones.  I generally just add spray butter and enjoy; but if your diet allows I think a little almond butter and agave nectar would be amazing on top as well!

#2 Protein Cake –
– 1 scoop (protein of choice)  I love my SOLID MUSCLE CHOCOLATE!
– 2 egg whites

Blend and microwave for about 20-30 seconds.  If you over cook it will taste rubbery. I like mine moist because it tastes like an undercooked brownie. If your diet allows, you could add half of a banana or a little peanut butter, possibly some pure pumpkin and a splash of cinnamon (get creative) etc.  When I am in competition mode I will just use water and protein and make a little brownie cake.  Takes less than a minute and tastes delicious!

#3 Shredded BBQ Chicken
– thawed chicken breast (I usually do an entire crockpot full)
– seasonings of choice

I will slow roast my chicken for 5-8 hours.  I throw it in a crock pot with water and seasonings or else sometimes I will replace water with Sprite zero.  Once it starts to fall apart on its own you are good to go.  I will measure it out accordingly and post cooking add Walden Farms BBQ sauce and you have BBQ Shredded Chicken. It takes minimal time and is great when creating huge veggie salads or eat it with sweet potatoes etc!

Use these simple ideas as a base and and add your favorite healthy foods with them!

Kendi Charls is a top ranked National Physique Committee competitor and a well-known advocate of healthy living through diet and exercise. She is a life-long athlete in multiple sports such as soccer, basketball, track, softball and volleyball. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where she received her BA in Fashion Design and played for the school’s volleyball team. You may reach Kendi Charls at