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Sexy legs Sexy legs
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Most woman take real good pride in sexy abs, glutes, shoulders, and others worry more about their style os... Sexy legs

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Most woman take real good pride in sexy abs, glutes, shoulders, and others worry more about their style os shoes, but I personally think that a woman’s true essence of beauty is found in their legs!

Imagine being able to walk down the beach shore wearing a two piece swim suit or those hot shorts, without having to worry about cellulite or unshapely legs? Even for the thin people out there, you maybe able to get that flat tummy or that perfect butt, but when it comes to your legs they maybe too skinny, or untoned or simply plain out of shape. And let us not forget our old friend, cellulite. sexy legs

Want to know how to get those sexy legs every woman dreams of? Here are some tips made exactly for that:

Dealing with cellulite: 

What is cellulite? Cellulite is described as the sometimes-pitted appearance of fat deposits in the body. It is most often seen on the thighs and derrière, but it can also be seen up the hips, stomach, and upper arms as well.

I already know what is the question that is roaming through your head so, let me ask and answer it for you. Can cellulite actually be cured? Through various changes in lifestyle and posture, cellulite can actually be reduced in most women and simultaneously better the underlying physiological processes like circulation and lymphatic drainage that help prevent cellulite. Although fat itself is not the cause of cellulite, lowering your overall body fat can take pressure off of the connective bands. Exercise is your best bet, and I recommend mixing it up.

Try using interval training to lose body fat and dynamic resistance training to build up and tone your muscles in areas where you have cellulite. The added muscle mass will help fill in where skin is loose from fat loss. I recommend you try out Yoga and Tai Chi which both use whole body movement to enhance lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Want to know how you can start working on toning your legs now? Well, first of all, you should know that your legs are the foundation of your body and their strength and suppleness is needed in order for them to be rightfully toned. Women in particular have problems with unshaped legs more than men because most women do exercises like aerobics or a lot of cardio which burn calories but do not build strength and muscle.

In order to get nicely toned legs you have to first build lean muscle. Weighted squats, weighted lunges and weighted deadlifts go a long way in building lean muscle. So do body weight exercises like yoga stretches and try not to focus on doing much body workouts.

That importance of building lean muscle is that it burns fat deposits on your legs and in exchange turns it to firm muscle mass. This firm muscle mass is what provides your legs their perfect shape. If you are a skinny person but your legs are not in shape, try doing strength training and lean muscle mass building workouts. Try also sprinting and brisk walking, both of which build lean muscle mass.

Always keep in mind, that in order to get toned legs that are in perfect shape you need to first strengthen them and feed the muscle! So, eat right and don’t skip workout days.

In order for you to have a successful weight loss or weight management program, being energetic plays a very important part, because tough physical activities help to burn more calories than your calorie intake. Quick calories can be burned in any form, from running to swimming to breathing to digesting.

So, whatever may be the reason for you wanting to tone your legs, be it because you just simply want to show them off in public, want to attaract your husbands attention once again, or just simply becuase you want to feel proud of yourself, you should take it as a motivator and push yourself to the breaking point until the results of what you so much urge for starts to give notice on your legs.

If this may serve as a motivating phrase to you, remember this one, “you can do anything if you can put your mind to it!”