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Sex – Key To A Younger You Sex – Key To A Younger You
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer I know that when it comes to it, this is not the most comfortable subject to discuss, but we... Sex – Key To A Younger You

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

I know that when it comes to it, this is not the most comfortable subject to discuss, but we are no longer children and sex is part of the reason for why our body tends to shine bright moments after. Plus, if it weren’t for our great-grand parents doing the due, we might not have been here today discussing its important role in our body’s fitness. So, if it is not much of a problem, in the following information, which I have gathered for you, I hope to feed your brain with the knowledge of yet another interesting way of getting your body to look great.


Countless studies have shown that a healthy sex life will make you fit and happy

They say that sex is considered healthy, have you ever wondered why? Could it be the fast tempo, the deep breathing, the body weight movements, or the mental and physical pleasures that offer a much-needed break from daily monotony? Right from mood swings to a true blue workout, sex hits your body and mind unlike any other exercise or fitness routine. If you still don’t believe me, here is a quick look at why sex is healthy. I guarantee you that you’ll be assured of its good effect on our bodies.
Mood swing is one of the things that sex helps knock out. Sex helps the body produce endorphins, also known as the good mood hormones that help lift up the spirit. This elevation of mood happens at a chemical level, and is certifiably the most fun you can have without adding any nefarious products to your blood stream. It is also good, if you’re feeling over-anxious and need to be calmed down, sex makes that better, too. Just before you hit that cloud elevating orgasm, your brain releases oxytocin, a hormone that calms your nerves. in females, sex also releases the estrogen hormone, which by now all of you should know is the best number one solution for stomach aches due to PMS (otherwise known as, I can’t take it anymore or my wife is driving me crazy Syndrome).
Besides, what other workout do you know of that has no need for a gym, mat or instructor? Not when you can make use of many places within your home. Well, you guys should know what I’m refering to, so I should have to mention them. Studies maintain that daily sex can help you lose weight and get your body fit. Many calories are burnt during the process of having sex as if you were running on a treadmill, swimming in the pool, or weight lifting workouts. Directly from the obvious lower body muscle groups to the abdomen and arms, every muscle in your body will benefit from healthy doses of good sex. To top it off some more, sex helps your body’s production of collagen, which is incredibly responsible for soft-glowing skin. Another by-product of sexual engagements is called, Progesterone, which helps a person fight acne.
A good sex life will also make you smarter! Several studies over time have concluded that orgasms come about in heightened brain activity. You can observe a latent derivative of sex and intelligence in a 2008 North Carolina sex study. The study found that women are likelier to choose brains over brawn when looking for sexual partners. So while flirtations and other social gatherings could guide women towards dumb jocks, the urge to have sex can lead them to a brighter and happier future. The health jury is still pondering on it, but our verdict is in…Sex makes life, as well as us, smarter.
Immunity is also boosted by sex. A Nottingham University study in February of 2009 concluded that men who regularly enjoy (three or four times a week) sex, are at the lowest risk of developing many diseases, especially prostate cancer. Other studies have also found that sex increases the human immune system and as a result we have better chances of not catching life draining diseases like the flu and cold.
It kind of makes me wonder if the fitness industry’s boom was conspired right after the birth of prudish behavior in the 70s. Still not convinced about why sex is healthy? Then have a look at this – As weird as this may sound, but in all its truth, a published study in the British Medical Journal from 2008, showed that more women in their 70s are enjoying good sex. What is the result? These sexually active (much) older women are taking in satisfactory, pleasant and healthy lives, aside from also looking years younger than their frumpy counterparts.
I rest my case and for those who had a doubt that sex could do just the right things for a person’s fitness, I hope to have brought you enough information to have you add sex in your next exercise routine for a great calorie burn.

sex life

Regular sex has many health benefits for men and women.

Even More Reasons For a Healthy Sex Life!

Here is another reason for you to enjoy your time in bed with that special someone that makes your tummy fill-up with butterflies.Even though something tells me you don’t need any more reasons to have sex, but it doesn’t hurt to know that sex has several more health benefits then what we spoke of in my last sex-fitness article.

Regular sex can be important for mental and physical wellbeing and for more all-round body health. Besides the noticible physical benefits that sex provides such as the fact that it is a great exercise, we are discussing the additional benefits of having regular sex on a daily bases.

Sex improves your stress response and your blood pressure. It definitely has the potential to take the edge off. In the process of arousal and orgasm, an elixir of natural painkillers and relaxers are let loose. Studies have shown that a partner’s touch, be it curling up under the sheets or simply passing by each other up the staircase can release oxytocin (the love hormone), which in turn can decrease blood pressure and heart rate. The effect goes for so-called cardiovascular reactivity, the response of the cardiovascular system to stress.
Sex can also cut down the risk of cardiac related deaths. Within cardiovascular realm, the unique closeness of sex can have a more consequential impact. During a 20-year long study, researchers followed more than 900 men and came to the conclusion that having sex for one or more times a week decreased a person’s risk for a fatal heart attack. The study shows a decrease by more than 50 percent.
Sex can also help you get some natural pain relief. It can provide you with a temporary break especially when it comes to pain. Arousals and orgasms can both switch-on the making of oxytocin, which then starts a sensational rush of endorphins and corticosteroids. Which are both fairly potent painkillers.
The Benefits of Sex for Women:
An exclusive benefit that sex has to offer women is the steadiness of their monthly cycle. Physicians recommend the birth control pill, like there is no tomorrow, to women who have irregular menstrual cycles. But, regular sex may present a more delightful alternative for that particular purpose. For those women who have had sex with male partners once a week or more, study has shown, are more likely to experience consistent menstrual cycles. And as a result, they have fewer fertility issues than women who had sex less often or held-back completely.
Constant sex with the same partner over many months or more can also “elite” a woman’s body for a healthy, full term pregnancy. Studies at the University of Adelaide in South Australia stated that women who took action in frequent sexual activities with their committed partners, had higher rates of conception and fewer incidences of miscarriage, preeclampsia, and high blood pressure.
The Benefits of Sex for Men:
According to health expert Dr. Phil Nguyen, M.D., he has found that sex that is practiced regularly and correctly will bring many benefits for men. Here are some details from Nguyen about some of the health benefits of sex for men.
1.)  Sex is good for men’s reproductive health and by having sex at least three times a week it will helps them avoid sexual issues.
2.) Sex can prevent cancer attacks.
Numerous studies show men who ejaculate regularly will reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 30 percent.
3.) Testosterone produced during sexual activity took place to strengthen muscles and bones.
Testosterone also improves the health and fertility of men.
Other benefits that sex can have for both female and male are:
In the process of having sex oxytocin and serotonin hormones are released which make improvements in the good quality of sleep. In turn the good quality of sleep is also closely related to hypertension and cancer prevention.
It is also known that sex can help a person feel relaxed and at the same time get rid of anxiety.
Sex also helps burn calories like exercise does.
If you have sex for 30 minutes every day, then in a year you can lose weight up to 10 kilograms.
So, the next time you are feeling up for it, don’t think twice and jump into the double action packed exercise ride of your lifetime!