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Scavenger Fitness Hunt Scavenger Fitness Hunt
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Going for a fitness scavenger hunt is an entertaining way to get outside and mix up your workout routine.... Scavenger Fitness Hunt

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Going for a fitness scavenger hunt is an entertaining way to get outside and mix up your workout routine. This is a technique that many have probably tried out and for those that already have, I know that it has had a great impact on the way they now plan their daily workout routine. What exactly is a fitness scavenger hunt? It is when you go on the look for areas where you can carry out your exercises while adding an extra bit of entertainment to distract your mind from the typical old fashion routines. Here is how it works: First you have to map out your daily exercise route. It could be a route such as the one you typically take for jogging or walking, and then make a list of five through ten bodyweight exercises like; push-ups, burbees, squat jumps, and more. Next to each workout, write down a landmark you will see throughout your path, a park bench, red light, dog on a leash, or even a water fountain.
How do you start your scavenger hunt?

scavenger fitness hunt

You can use an exercise ball in your scavenger fitness hunt. When you find the ball, do 20 sit-ups!

You can start by heading out on your route and every time you see one of the landmarks you put down on your list, do 10-20 reps of the corresponding workout. So, if you listed “park bench” beside dips, hit the bench for a set of 10 every time you see one. It is a great way to mix up your routine and add an element of play to your typical route and still burn off plenty of calories.
Besides this being a great workout, this will also keep your mind in the present moment, which is something that a packed and stressful schedule can stop us from doing.
You can choose from various places to stop and carry out an exercise along with a wide variety of exercises that will keep your body working to get that lean and mean cut you so much desire. Take a look at the following exercises. They might be the thing for you or they might not, but these are the most common in some people’s daily workout routine.
You can perform them normally while kneeling or to the full extent of a push-up position, it is all depending on your body resistance. For a more advanced result, you can use the park bench to do incline or decline push-ups which both will touch up on your upper and lower chest muscles. 5 sets of 20 reps is a good count to start of with if you are new to doing this workout.
This exercise is meant to work on your triceps and shoulder blades. You can also do them on a park bench  at the park. Doing 5 sets of 15 reps is sure to get the job done.
Jumping Jacks
For a good and quick burn of calories, you can rely on this jumpy activity to have you sweating, inspired, and ready for the next landmark. 3 sets of 50 reps will be just enough to get you warmed up and going.
People always look forward to having a nice six-pack so I think that we can add this exercise in. Once you hit your next landmark, take a look around and see if you can find somewhere to position your feet underneath to give you support as you do 3 sets of 50 reps.
Let’s not leave out the most important part, legs, which are the foundation of the rest of the body.
Squats can be done nearly anywhere your landmarks may lead you and you can perform them in 5 sets of  20 reps.
These are only my suggested exercises that you can give a try, but there is a variety of exercises that I’m sure you can think of and add to your daily workout plan as you use this scavenger hunt technique.
Something else that you can try out is getting a workout buddy. Workout buddies can be a essential source of motivation. Sometimes it can get tough on you and you might start doubting your ability to continue with your routine, but that’s when your workout buddy kicks in. They are there to give you encouraging words that can be highly valuable.
The struggles you sometimes face along the way are always much easier when you know someone’s right there going through the same challenges with you.