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Reflexology Benefits Reflexology Benefits
The application of pressure to the hands and feet specifically using the hand and finger technique is defined as reflexology.  This massage therapy is... Reflexology Benefits

picture of reflexology therapyThe application of pressure to the hands and feet specifically using the hand and finger technique is defined as reflexology.  This massage therapy is based on a system of reflex and zone regions that reflect an image of the body on the hands and feet with the idea that such therapy could have an effect on the physical change of the body.

Reflexology therapy actually goes back to ancient times in China, India and Egypt but has only recently been introduced to the West in the 20th Century and has been used very successfully in the therapy of massage as this is a wonderful way to unwind, treat an illness and relieve stress.  Reflexology provides a great benefit to your body as it also increases energy as it has been known to stabilize ones metabolism thus being able to promote a more refreshing sleep and strengthen your natural self healing mechanism while you sleep.   Reflexology has also been used to treat emotional and mental conditions and can promote calmness and a sense of well being and is wonderful for relieving emotional distress.  It has also been known that reflexology is great for the stimulation of the reproductive glands and can also clear blockage of the pelvic region for woman.  It is also great for your digestive system as it stimulates muscle action and aids in the smooth passage of foods as it is digested throughout your bowels thus lowering your chances of colon cancer.  Your skin can also benefit from this therapy as it supplies oxygen and nutrients to your body for repair and in the creation of new cells.  For those seeking to lose toxins from their bodies they can turn to reflexology as it is great for taking away wastes, this alone with a great detox diet can detoxify one dramatically and make you feel fresh and very much alive.

The majority of reflexologists find that a peoples feet are far more responsive and sensitive to health issues and problems.  While it has been said that the reflex points located in your hands are much deeper and harder to pinpoint.  Aside from being able to apply the right type of pressure reflexologist must also know about the human anatomy and physiology to be successful.  For example those with diabetes need the pituitary gland worked on as this is the particular gland that sends important hormones to the adrenal glands which in turn relay messages to the pancreas to produce insulin.

Those with headaches can self apply themselves by gently applying pressure to the bottom part of your inner hand best when done with the other bottom part of your inner hand.  This pressure actually does not cure the headache but normalizes it as it works it works with the headache directly and works with the muscles and reduces spasm.  It also aids in ridding your headache as it normalizes it to some degree and works with the energy of your body channels to assure that it will not return.

The benefits of reflexology are great and many and if properly utilized one can reap the benefits of healthy living and great quality of life.