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Raspberry Ultra Drops – Science or Scam? Raspberry Ultra Drops – Science or Scam?
by Kimberly Allen, RN Today with the push for weight loss Americans spend over $60 billion a year on weight loss products and there... Raspberry Ultra Drops – Science or Scam?

by Kimberly Allen, RN

Today with the push for weight loss Americans spend over $60 billion a year on weight loss products and there are a wide variety of them available.  There are some that actually do help and others that are complete gimmicks.  Personally I am very skeptical of any product that promises “miraculous” results.  Then a couple of days ago I received an email from someone that would only email me pertaining to  my writing this article.  So I assumed she wanted me to look into the subject of the article she sent me  about Raspberry Ultra Drops.  So I added it to my list to look into.  then the very next morning I received an email from my son with a link to the very same article I had previously received.  I really got curious then, because I know my son  would not have sent that email.  So I then began looking into these Raspberry Ultra Drops.  I started by reading the article sent to me, supposedly from Fox News.  In the article, the writers make a number of claims about Raspberry Ultra Drops.  They call it the “hottest new weight management  supplement”.  They claim it is extremely powerful, loaded with antioxidants and “top fat burning” ingredients all with just 8 “super ingredients”.  On their web page they claim you can lose as much as 1 to 2 pounds a day with no hunger pains, permanently, also that you’ll maintain your muscle tone and feel great.  They go so far as to claim they’re as effective as ‘clinical injections’.  Then on top of that they claim to be all natural and totally safe as well as FDA compliant.  As I read on there were testimonies claiming “miraculous weight loss” in very short periods of time.raspberry-ultra-drops

After reading the article I decided to investigate further, and to be honest I was not surprised by what I found.  It infuriated me, but I was not surprised.  There are indications that the research into the Raspberry Ultra Drops was altered in favor of the product.  The claims of ‘miraculous’ weight loss coupled with claiming to be ‘all natural’ have made it one of the most profitable products on the market in a multibillion dollar industry.  Almost any doctor I know will tell you that a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a day is water weight not fat tissue.  The central research into the product is based on two studies.  Both studies were conducted on mice, there have been no studies in humans as of yet.

In the process of researching Raspberry Ultra Drops, I also discovered there have been numerous fraud cases being filed against this company everyday.  And it’s not just a few orders getting messed up.  This is thousands of very angry customers going to places like “scambook” and ‘complaintboard’ even facebook to voice their anger.  The complaints range from ineffective product to many never even receiving what they ordered and paid for.  In fact recently there have been numerous complaints from customers that the company hacked into their email accounts and sent out massive amounts of promotional emails.   They have also received complaints from people that they received emails about Raspberry Ultra Drops from people they knew but that they were not sent from where they said they were sent from.  Gee I wonder who really sent me my emails?

As an advocate of natural products and supplements that can help with weight loss and health maintenance, it upsets me that any company would pray on people that are trying to improve their health.  Losing weight is a process and will not happen overnight.  Think about how long it took the weight to develop and expect it to take time to resolve.  There is no ‘quick fix’ for weight loss.  Eating a well balanced diet limiting sugars and fats along with regular exercise is the best and safest way to permanent weight loss.  Yes, there are some products that are helpful, but it’s important to research them before spending hundreds of dollars on a product that claims you can lose the weight in days or weeks.

Kimberly Allen is a registered nurse with an AND in nursing. She has worked in ACF, LCF and psychiatric facilities, although she spent most of her career as a home health expert. She is now a regular contributor to, dispensing advice and knowledge about medical issues and questions. You can reach her with any comments or questions at