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Rafting – A Great Exercise Experience Rafting – A Great Exercise Experience
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer What do you prefer, a rafting exercise experience that could make you happy, or a material possession? For me?... Rafting – A Great Exercise Experience

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

What do you prefer, a rafting exercise experience that could make you happy, or a material possession? For me? Any good exercise experience that can make me happy and at the same time contribute to my physical fitness, is way better than any material possession that I can think of.

Economic times are very rough and spare change is now becoming more difficult to find in your pockets, but what would you do if you could some how get a hold of some? Would you pick a nice exercise life experience to boost your happiness or would you go for material happiness?


Rafting is a great way to exercise and get out in nature.

Some people who make purchases, either material or experiential, have realized that the purchase of experiences leads to more happiness and satisfaction than material purchases have to offer. This can be true both at the time of purchase and afterwards, like say a few weeks later or even months after you take part of such experience. It is a fact that a sense of relatedness to others, getting closer to friends and family, provides more happiness than purchasing material things.

Since this is an ultimate team sport that provides a great chance to boost the beneficial effects of social bonding and the fact that it occurs in a natural setting it can be very beneficial for families to try out because it brings all the members to work on a single goal at hand. There are also some other reasons in which rafting supports mental and physical health.

Nature Experiences Help Reduce Stress:
Take a chill pill near the shade of a huge tree or rock. Take in the sounds of the river rushing over the rocks and smashing against the banks of the campground. There is nothing like it!

As you release some stress and connect with the sights and sounds of nature you raise your immune system, lower your blood pressure, reduce levels of stress hormones. You also increase the release of pleasure mediators such as endorphins and promote your physical and mental health.

Exercise within a Green Environment:
Paddling yourself with family members or friends through whitewater rapids is a great exercise!

If you are feeling like you want to make the experience even more adventurous, you can dive in a swimmer’s rapid or calm area, but make sure to always ask your guide first, and swim upstream. In doing so, you will also reduce obesity, increase muscle and cardiovascular strength, plus reduce stress. Best of all, it can be enjoyed by those who have limb or joint problems that limit running or walking.

What is most surprising is that the setting in which exercise occurs is an important part of the health benefits obtained from exercise. Those who exercise in a green environment surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature have a better chance at reducing blood pressure, and greater improvements in mood and self esteem than those who exercise the same amount in a non-green environment.

After all being said and done, no action park ride will ever compare to the excitement and health benefits of a life river experience. This I also an experience that you will carry with you forever!

Brain Benefits of a River Trip:
Have you ever felt like your brain was about to toast? Chances are that you are overloading yourself. But, by keeping involved in activities like river trips allow your brain to uncoil from and actually improve your mental functioning.
So, do something different for a change and take a trip out of the city to experience a nice river ride.

Your children can also benefit from this live water experience. If you have not done so yet, take them along with you on the next trip. Children tend to be more active and they will help push your limits, even in those activities you may have fear of trying out. The better part of it is that you will all receive the same exercise benefits that this watery experience has to offer and at the same time create a stronger bound between you and your kids!

But, for those of you who have not done this type of activity before, make sure to check with your doctor if rafting is fit for your health.