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Partner Exercising Partner Exercising
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer I hear from most of my friends that they have a hard time getting up to exercise. Well, finding... Partner Exercising

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

I hear from most of my friends that they have a hard time getting up to exercise. Well, finding a partner can be a great way to receive the encouragement and motivation that you need to step out of the bed, jump into the shower and head to the gym or just go out for a walk with your favorite neighbor, or why not with a family member. Whoever you choose, make sure is a person that can inspire you, not somebody that instead of telling you lets go hit the gym takes you to the nearest bakery store or pizza place!

My mom has always said that you have to choose your friends right. Why? Well bad things stick and good things too, so choose right.

First choose a partner like when you go to buy yourself a shirt. You see it and you like it, first impression, than you evaluate the style, the quality, brand, price. See you take your time and try to choose what is best for you. The same way you decide on what to eat. Evaluate what is best for you, who can inspire you.

Second, like I just mentioned inspiration or motivation. Select a partner that can inspire you to be better each day that motivates you to give your best to look the best and feel the best.

Third try to pick a person that lives near you. You don’t want to make it a hassle to have to drive or walk far for a partner that makes you tired just to get together. That’s not the idea, you want someone that helps you and doesn’t give you any difficulties or stress to start your workout program. I said that helps you, but don’t forget you also have to help him or her. Keep positive!

Last and not least, make sure you like this person. That you feel comfortable around them and that way you don’t feel shy. Sometimes people tend to be competitive and make you feel that you can’t do it. Well, your partner has to bring the best out of you.  Don’t feel shy, you can do it! The happier you feel around your partner the more motivated you will feel. exercise partner

There has been research that supports up the idea that two is better than one. I know you have heard this before. Life is easier when you have the right partner next to you, that helps you and you help them. It goes both ways.

It seems to be that we incline to stick with a routine for a longer period of time when we are part of a team, group or partnership. The truth is that each member backs up the other. Just having the feeling that your partner counts on you and that he or she has goals and expectations that shares with you is more than a great reason to have a person to exercise with.

It´s about encouraging and cheering each other while being responsible for going to the agreed scheduled routine; also sharing and celebrating each other’s accomplishments; helping each to avoid and fight temptation; researching, learning and exchanging ideas; encouraging each other with humor and if necessary sometimes being tough with each other when one is not doing part of what was agreed on.  Remember you have a deal with this person and have responsibility with your partner. It’s a relationship that deserves respect and like any other relationship you want to make it work, for both of you.

Once you have analyzed who is the best prospect, give her or him a call and propose the idea of accomplishing your fitness goals together. Make it a habit and part of your life to workout daily if possible. Now you have someone that can help you walk this path to having a healthier, leaner and more beautiful body. And don’t forget not to be selfish, pick a routine that can help you both. You can even look for a program that has special promotions for couples of partners and help you reduce expenses. Even if you decide to get a trainer, it will be cheaper than to pay single sessions.

See there are many reasons to start looking for that partner!