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Part 5 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring Part 5 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
After you have exited the waters you carefully walk over to your tank area and slowly sit down so that the tank can enter... Part 5 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring

picture of Island BBQ

After you have exited the waters you carefully walk over to your tank area and slowly sit down so that the tank can enter its holding dock.   Every one on the boat is giddy with pleasure and gathering around the all-knowing Divemaster to ask questions about the different kind of marine life that they have just witnessed.   As the dive boat begins to dock into the dive shop dock your stomach suddenly begins to churn for one of those fast Yellow-tail snappers that you saw on an earlier dive.   The delicious smell of BBQ hits your nostrils from the restaurant on top of the dive shop and all you can think about now is how good that first cold drink is going to taste followed by a beautifully laid out grilled fish fillet burger with Cole slaw or fries that will satisfy you down to the bone and leave you wanting more.picture of shrimp and lobster

picture of island Beach Bar

Its all you can do to break away from the group and grab your friends and head to a beach bar that is said the be the coolest beach bar with the best food and drinks on the island.   The all knowing bartender who just happened to be your Divemaster on your morning dive is behind the bar working it and with a large grin happily guides your group over to some empty bar chairs in his bar section and begins the blender show.  It appears that its pina coladas and margaritas on the house because of the very large tip that you gave him for his expertly guided morning dive and he just wants to show his gratitude as he begins to pour these drinks one after another down everyone’s throats and just before you cant take another brain freeze from the velocity of the cold frozen cocktails that keep mysteriously appearing in front of you the food arrives at the bar and the bartender who is now your best friend and whom you have declared to anyone listening after your 5th pina colada that you will kill for him, ceremoniously plops a beautiful shinning plate topped with grilled lobster tails, sautéed large jumbo garlic shrimp and fries, and you stare at the plate not knowing whether to cry or get on your knees and give thanks for this one in a lifetime experience with tears in your eyes, and you take the first large bite…….. and is all you ever wished, imagined and thought it would be all rolled up in a delicious warm and lightly garlic bite and in a flurry you devour the entire platter breaking the speed record for the fastest lobster plate ever eaten.  The bartender witnesses this awesome record breaking display in wonderment with his mouth open at and wisely switches everyone to cold island beer and turns the reggae up to the just the right point as you lean back and take a long and refreshing swig of the cold drink that leaves you smoothly bobbing to the beat of the smooth island Caribbean rhythms and the best part is that its only nine at night and you got a 9 o’clock morning dive.   Could life be any better?

picture of caribbean beach

Scuba dive vacations are not all about the diving itself but also a fun and rewarding way to enjoy other Caribbean island perks like horseback ridding, beach combing, sailing, wind surfing, canopy tours and kayaking etc.  Some islands have caves that you can visit which in itself have water deposits large enough to have a good swim and snorkel.   While on the subject of snorkeling the sport in itself is wonderful and also very rewarding for marine life enthusiasts who love to hang around small, cool looking and interesting fish and be at one with nature while splayed out happily in pristine aquamarine waters.

picture of snorkeling

For me some of the best memories of scuba personally come from snorkeling as a dive itself can last no longer that around 1 hour but snorkeling can last hours and hours of enjoyment but some may need a wetsuit to stay warm and keep the sun off, wear a long sleeve shirt and others just dab some ALL NATURAL sunscreen on your back and venture on yonder, even better is when you have been living on an island for quite some time and you go out snorkeling every day to the point that you look like a island native with your dark, bronze and most importantly healthy tan.  Deep-sea sport fishing is also a great way to enjoy the island, as there are many great and large Bluefin Marlin, also very large tuna, swordfish and other majestic creatures from the deep that smell so good on the grill and taste even better with some lovely Cilantro herbed garlic butter or perhaps some extra virgin olive oil with a squeeze of lime.  I believe that the islands inspire and bring out the passion in everyone in some way or another and should be taken advantage of each and every vacation and getaway.picture of ocean kayaking