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Part 3 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring Part 3 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
You are then slowly guided upwards and sideways over the reef to explore more of the colors of the reef and sand patches and... Part 3 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring

picture of scubadiving

You are then slowly guided upwards and sideways over the reef to explore more of the colors of the reef and sand patches and on you continue until you get to around 30 feet where you will spend the remainder of your Bottom Time hanging around visiting and gliding over beautiful brain coral, fish and other marine life and occasionally a turtle will cruise on by before he goes deep where he know that you will not follow or a school of snappers will gather around the Divemaster who is feeding them bread that he brought along for the ride and show.  At some point you look down at your dive computer on your wrist to check your air, depth and bottom time and you also notice that it is only half past 7 am a smile breaks out on your face causing you to take in a bit of water which by instinct causes you to breath in and smoothly place your palm on you top of your mask and then tilt you head back while smoothly breathing out through your nose to expel the water in your mask.

picture of whale-sharkpicture of nurse-shark

Many scuba divers have had the pleasure seeing dolphins, sharks, octopuses and whale sharks as well and the pleasure to be amongst these cool creatures adds to the fulfillment of scuba diving.  Another part of scuba diving involves night dives, which is the single most unique experience that you will ever have as you smoothly glide over very colorful coral reefs as the colors are much brighter as you shine your dive light on them.  For those looking to see more colors in general of the reefs a dive light will surely give you a view worth photographing as many have before.

The Divemaster now signals everyone to pair up with their buddy and ascend to 15 feet for a three-minute safety stop where you will hang around while time passes and all you can hear is the exhaled bubbles of air going past your ears tickling them at times.  After three minutes you then ascend to the surface in a round about upwards motion one hand stretched out in front.  Once at the surface you swiftly inflate your BCD and switch to your snorkel for air while pulling your facemask down to your neck and in one motion spread out your fins before you and lay your head back into the inflated BCD and take in the warm morning sun quickly warming your smiling face happy to be alive and the wonderful realization that its only 8 am and you still have one more tank to take out after your surface interval stop is over.  This time of course is spent on the top and front of the cool Dive boats where most of the time you have a cool, warm and funny islander as the boat captain giving tips and funny tales about life on the Caribbean island.  You lay back and feel the warm sun and the cool air hitting your body and you smile that smile once again.  The boat gently rocks as the boat captain turns up that smooth head rocking reggae tune.


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