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Part 2 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring Part 2 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
After this two-day First Aid course you go on to the Divemaster course, which entails around two to three months of on site training... Part 2 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring

picture of scuba diver

After this two-day First Aid course you go on to the Divemaster course, which entails around two to three months of on site training at an actual dive center or resort and you learn to guide and watch over scuba fun divers who are out to explore the reefs and be taken care of.   Many people I know make a decent living on a beautiful Caribbean islands and being an underwater guide to the most beautiful reefs in the world.  The next step in scuba involves a 10 to 20 day Instructor Development Course where you learn how to actually teach scuba diving and a lot of theory and on site water training.picture of scuba-dive-flag

Most people go to scuba dive center for fun dives that can involve one or two tank dives per boat outing and shore dives.   The dive itself begins with an early morning cup of tea on the way to the dive shop or center and once there you begin to prepare your dive by visiting the Dive site chart to see what sites you’ll be visiting that morning, plan your dive then gather your gear which involves getting your wet suit, BCD, fins, dive computer etc. ready and loaded on the boat where you will find that your tanks have already been set up for you to just set up your gear on it.  The its out to the site itself where the ride can last from a few minutes to over an hour or so but once there you are guaranteed pristine blue waters with water so clear that you can actually see the types of coral reef fish that are hanging out down there.  This has got to be the best part of any divers day as the boat captain turns the boat engine off and all you can hear is the light wind blowing through your hair accompanied by the gentle Caribbean rocking of the boat.picture of scuba-dive-site

The morning is still young and the air itself has a fresh scent about it as you finish your tea.  By now everyone has begun to don their scuba gear and trying to keep their balance at the same time as the swaying of the boat can be quite rocking at times.  Eventually the Divemaster will gather everyone around them and they will explain the ins and outs of the site that they are about to see.  Everyone is buddied up to watch over each other and off they go one after another with goosestep entries or back entries into the cool but then warm Caribbean waters where you automatically inflate your BCD to keep you afloat and close to your buddy.   Once everyone is ready the Divemaster gives the thumbs down and every begins their slow descent while equalizing their ears as they reach 10 feet then 20 then 30 then 40 and on to the pre-decided bottom time location where the dive itself begins with a smooth and beautiful tour of the most wonderful colors that you will ever see which is most of the time at the wall of the reef itself.  So you got the beautiful coral reef to your left and then to your right you have the deep blue waters that can go as deep as 10,000 and beyond.

picture of scuba-diver-descent

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