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Noni your immune system Noni your immune system
Scientists and researchers began to take notice of the noni fruit in the 1950's. Since then, then there has been a great deal... Noni your immune system

by Kimberly Allen R.N.

Our immune system is our first line of defense against the numerous invaders that attack our bodies everyday.  Any type of malfunction at the cellular level will cause a chain reaction of cellular breakdown throughout the body.  When a malfunction occurs in the immune system it can be disastrous.  As our immune system is our first line of defense against all invaders – any malfunction opens the door to foreign invaders to come in and attack.

Hawaiian medicine men have used the noni fruit to boost immune function for centuries.

The noni fruit is from the Morinda citrifolia tree.  It has been used as a medicinal fruit for over 2,000 years.  The Kahuna (or medicine man) in Hawaii has been using noni successfully to treat a wide variety of illnesses.  The Hawaiian Kahuna was considered to be an expert pharmacologist for the time, and though he most likely never knew the chemistry of how the noni works, he did have a good understanding of it’s importance and the health benefits it provides.

Scientists and researchers began to take notice of the noni fruit in the 1950’s.  Since then, then there has been a great deal of research and numerous studies to determine just how the noni works and why it works.  The noni was found to contain a diverse array of naturally forming compounds including phytonutrients, polysaccarides, antioxidants and nitric oxide to name a few, but probably the single most important compound found in the noni is proxeronine.  These are all naturally forming compounds in our bodies, however, some are in very small amounts.

When all is well and functioning properly the liver, which stores the proxeronine, releases a small amount of proxeronine into the blood stream every two hours.  As it travels throughout the body, the various organs absorb what they need.  The prexeronine then produces xeronine.  The xeronine  works to repair damaged cells through out the body, most especially the cells that affect the function of the immune system.

Polysaccaride compounds that are contained in the noni also work on the cellular level to “stimulate and enhance” our immune systems.  The immune system in our bodies also prodeuces a compound called nitric oxide.  The nitric oxide produced by our bodies kills any bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections that attack us.  The noni has also been found to stimulate our nitric oxide  immune response.

There are numerous other ways that the noni fruit has been shown to improve our health. However, it is the affect it has on our immune system that has been found to be the building block of its functions.  Noni juice can be found at most health stores and online.  Research has shown that he noni is safe for all ages and does not have any side effects.  Drinking one glass of commercial noni juice a day will significantly improve how you feel and increase your energy level.

In the areas where noni grows, the “locals” take the fruit and put it into glass jars, seal it and allow it to ferment until a brown liquid juice forms and drink one “shot” a day.  I’ve talked to many “old timers” that swear by it, claiming they’ve never been sick.  The noni fruit has a foul odor and bad taste, commercial juices have been sweetened with grape and blueberry juices to improve the taste.  If you choose to make your own noni juice you can sweeten it to taste.  Commercial or freshly made at home it’s a great addition to any diet.

Kimberly Allen is a registered nurse with an AND in nursing. She has worked in ACF, LCF and psychiatric facilities, although she spent most of her career as a home health expert. She is now a regular contributor to, dispensing advice and knowledge about medical issues and questions. You can reach her with any comments or questions at