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Naturally Boost Your Metabolism Naturally Boost Your Metabolism
By Ed Barillas-Staff Writer Wether your trying to regain that figure you had in your earlier years or perhaps your into working out and... Naturally Boost Your Metabolism
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Your body needs natural foods and liquids and the more it gets the better it will be able to take you into your latter years

By Ed Barillas-Staff Writer

Wether your trying to regain that figure you had in your earlier years or perhaps your into working out and weightlifting and tired of all those synthetic metabolism booster pills that all but turn you into a nervous junky or maybe you just want to live a natural wholesome life, boosting your metabolism using natural ingredients is the best way to go.  Your body needs natural foods and liquids and the more it gets the better it will be able to take you into your latter years which if done right should be well into your 80’s, 90’s and beyond.  What you eat and drink will be a powerful factor in this so eating foods that will allow your metabolism to naturally burn those good calories off will also keep your immune system strong and healthy.  Basically a healthy metabolism means a happy body but if your eating fast foods high in just about everything that is bad for you, drinking 4 to 6 diet or regular sodas throughout the day to chase those snicker bars and chips down with, or drinking Red Bull or Monster drinks before working out to get that extra angle and energy boost or even worst drinking these canned energy drink like Red Bull etc, instead of coffee which is horrible for your metabolism as well, to feel alert and awake in the morning you are certainly cutting your life span years by 30 or more years.  Anything that forces the body to work harder like coffee for example will take years off your life and in not a good way.  When a person feels tired like and sluggish like when they wake up in the morning they drink a cup a coffee to boost the heart rate and the heart is forced to pump  more blood through all your vessels, then after the rush of caffeine is gone the heart rate drops dramatically and is forced to recover from the forced blood pumping, which will make you feel more tired and sluggish than you were before you drank that first cup of coffee.  Problem is that this turns into a sea-saw battle throughout the day for many people as they are forcing their hearts to work more than it should to keep you on your toes and the body is shot to heck from all this working out not to say anything of what it does to your nervous system.  Many try to compensate by smoking a cigarette to level off that jolt of caffeine and just make things worst as smoking will take many more years off of your life.
Remember that your body is a highly precision-ed creation and needs to be taken care of.
If you owned a Bentley or the latest Mercedes Benz would you put the cheapest dirtiest fuel in it or would you spend those extra bucks to fuel it with the best and finest?  Your body is worth a whole lot more than what those cars are worth so take a good look at what your drinking, eating and even consume in the form of medicine as many medicines out there now are highly toxic and deadly.

You must increase your metabolism naturally and eating breakfast in the morning should be the best way to start.  Stay away from those thick pancakes and greasy sausages and opt for an omelet stuffed with veggies, bacon perhaps, and a good cheese and chase it down with a large 16 ounce glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (this means nothing that comes from concentrate as the heating process of orange juice when they create the concentrate all but kills the vitamin C in the OJ and defeats the whole purpose of drinking a glass of OJ in the morning to start with) if your to on the go some yoghurt with an apple is always good to eat on the way to work.
By adding spices to your food you will be  giving your metabolism a natural boost.  Now I don’t mean  for you to go out and hit the first Korean or Japanese joint that you come across and start eating the hottest items on the menu.  What is best is to add some hot spice to your food not to burn your mouth but to add sensation to the food that you are eating, you will be surprised as to what just a few drops of your favorite hot sauce will do to your metabolism and will last around a half hour after eating.   Now a way to get around this is to add a spice which nobody would think that it would be good for a metabolism called cinnamon.  Yes that cinnamon in your favorite apple pie recipe is the way to go but can also be added to many oriental, Indian and Mediterranean dishes.
Drink lots and lots of water.   Plainly said water is fuel.  The sun is also superb for boosting your metabolism naturally as just 30 minutes per day will keep it reeved up and giving you that good feeling.  Remember that natural is the best and only way to go and if your life is at stake then natural should be the only way to go.