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Natasha Lowe – Soldier, model, mother Natasha Lowe – Soldier, model, mother
Natasha Lowe knows first hand how to overcome adversity. From soldier to motherhood, she has overcome many challenges in her life. And getting fit... Natasha Lowe – Soldier, model, mother

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It sounds like you enjoyed military life. Are you still enlisted?

I went to boot camp in July of 2005. During training, I ended up tearing my ACL and Meniscus, and 4 months later ended up getting an Honorable Medical Discharge from the Marines.

How did you react to that? It sounds like you had made the Marine core your life.

I came home from the Marines, pretty much devastated because I had spent a good two years training mentally and physically for it. All of my dreams were kind of thrown out the window, and I had to start over. I had plans to go back after two years, but I ended up getting married and having my son, whom is absolutely amazing.

So you traded military life for home life. Was it a big adjustment? How did it affect your fitness?

I went through a lot of emotional ups and downs throughout my marriage and after having a baby. My then husband was always supportive of me going to the gym and working out, but I always worked out and ate right for him. Never for me. I ended up gaining about 20 pounds, and stayed on a complete rollercoaster ride emotionally and physically over the past five years.

It sounds like there was a greater toll on your attitudes and on your outlook.

I was a very negative person, I might have not showed it on the outside, but on the inside I was a complete and utter mess. I was not supportive of anyone or any of their dreams, because I never had a chance to go after what I wanted, the natural thing for me was to not want anyone else to go after theirs either. The negativity was eating me on the inside.

You seem like a positive person to me. What changed? How do you deal with tough challenges today?

A lot of the time people use negative things that have happened in their life to fuel them in the gym, but what happens when those negative feelings have subsided? Things change, and people change, and I had to eventually learn, that when you cannot control anything going on in your world, the one thing that you can take charge of is yourself, and only yourself. I had what I like to call a quarter life crisis, and after going through some things that I’m not proud of, I decided that I needed to make a change because I was not happy with who I was as a person, on the inside, or the outside. To have complete control, you have to start with your mind. Then it starts moving outward. Someone can go into the gym and know how to lift weights every single day, but the thing that keeps them going is the thought process that is going on inside of their head. If you can control your mind, the way you view things, and the way that you change negative situations into positive ones. Your body will follow, but it has to be because you WANT to be better, not to be blaming it on other things, or other people. You need to know that you deserve to make positive changes, on the inside, and the outside. Sometimes unfortunately, that takes a slap in the face.

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