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Natasha Lowe – Soldier, model, mother Natasha Lowe – Soldier, model, mother
Natasha Lowe knows first hand how to overcome adversity. From soldier to motherhood, she has overcome many challenges in her life. And getting fit... Natasha Lowe – Soldier, model, mother

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Natasha Lowe knows first hand how to overcome adversity. From soldier to motherhood, she has overcome many challenges in her life. And getting fit was surprisingly one of them – not that anyone would notice by looking at the beautiful, brunette woman who aspires to be a fitness model, outdoor enthusiast and the best mom she can be. Health and Fitness Talk recently caught up with Natasha to talk with her about her triumphs and tragedies on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

How did you become involved with fitness and fitness training? 

I grew up with two older brothers who have always been into fighting, skateboarding, football, snowboarding, surfing, you name it. All very physical sports. I sat back and watched them, wanting to be just like them one day because I wanted to be tough, and be able to hold my own. I’m pretty sure in my teen years, I’ve had every dream such as becoming a professional snowboarder, a professional dirt-bike rider, a surfer, you name it.

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Your bio says you were in the Marines. How and why did you enlist?

My father served in the United States Marine Corps at the end of the Vietnam War. While growing up, he would reminisce about the days he was in, and how tough it was, and how proud he was to be a United States Marine, because only few hold the title. He would tell me all the crazy stories about what boot camp was like such as physical training; the long hikes with full blown out gear including their M-16s.

So you were emulating your father

I’ve always lived inspired by all of these people who have greatly influenced my life in someway, and have always wanted to go do those things myself, to prove that I too, could do it.

Being so inspired by my father, around the age of 16 I started hanging around the Marine Corps recruiting office  (sometimes for hours upon hours), watching videos, planning my future with them, hanging around fellow “Poolees”, and going to their Physical Training classes every Tuesday and Thursday after work. I would listen to the stories of teens coming in who seemed like they had no other hope but to join, and they wanted to also be able to prove themselves, a story like mine. Had an encounter with a few drill instructors during one of our mock boot camps and to me, they were the epitome of respect. I decided that I was going to work my way up to be one of them. I started weight training and running at the gym, and always looked into fitness magazines to help improve stamina, and performance. At that point in time, I also decided one day, I wanted to be on the cover of a fitness magazine. In the meantime, I was excited of the lifestyle the Marine Corps led. It would keep me in shape with all of their physical training, and with being a drill instructor you had to lead by example by being better than all of your recruits, and you had that mentality of conquering anything, and having that opportunity to change peoples lives.

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