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Messi’s Powerful Legforce Messi’s Powerful Legforce
    By Staff Writer- Ed Barillas Lionel Andres Messi or better known as “Messi” is an Argentine football player who plays for La... Messi’s Powerful Legforce

picture of Messi, foto de Messi



By Staff Writer- Ed Barillas

Lionel Andres Messi or better known as “Messi” is an Argentine football player who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona and is also the captain of the Argentina national team which represents Argentina in all major cup soccer events and playing mainly as a forward. He is Barcelona’s all-time top scorer in all official club competitions. By the age of 21, Messi had received Ballon d’Or or the Golden Boot and FIFA World Player of the Year nominations. The next year in 2009 he won the Golden Boot Ballon d’Or and became FIFA’s World Player of the Year.  Sportspro has rated Lionel Messi as the third most marketable athlete in the world next to notable stars like Pele and Maradona who has claimed Messi as his “successor” because of his playing style and stature.

picture of Messi's Ballon d'Or, foto de Messi Ballon de oro

In American football the 40 yard dash is perhaps the best way to define a football players speed as a tenth of a second can literary mean the difference between being drafted and making millions of dollars and flipping burgers at Burger King or worst being an assistant coach at the local YMCA.   Speed does make a difference in the world of sports and the better you can master it the better off you will be as this player in particular Leon Messi choose to do.  If one were to calculate how fast Leon Messi is in the 40-yard dash it could said to be around 4.5.   A soccer player must be very explosive inside the first 15 yards and Leon Messi sure has it and the faster the acceleration the easier it is to continue that speed as well which is why the start of the 40 or any other distance is so important and is highly linked to leg strength particular upper. When you watch a soccer game and they cut to a close-up shot during the game, Messi’s legs are literary huge as most top soccer athletes usually are.  It is apparent that he trained with weights to acquire big powerful legs and lots and lots of strength developement exercises.  Playing soccer may be enough for some to develop big legs and be very athletic, but for many it will not be enough and that’s where the gym comes in.

picture of Messi

Weight training properly will transcend your game to a higher level and by using key basic exercises and building bigger and stronger legs you will go a very long way in generating more force into the ground per bodyweight which is what leads you to run and move at greater and faster speeds.  Top soccer athletes in European soccer are known to do squats with maximal loads which dramatically improves their jumping ability, sprinting speed under 90 yards, and running economy. Because of the high resistance that they are involved with whether it’s a sack of rice or another teammate, the movement speed is slow but the muscular contraction when you push with your quads is quick, or in other words, you’re teaching your muscles to activate faster and recover faster as well which during a game can make all the difference between scoring that wining goal or going home without the homecoming queen.  It has been noted that Messi’s routine consists of three squat sessions a week and many times doing loads in the form of hills, sleds, vests which is why he seems to use less energy to move around the field and have more agility which can translate to over half a mile or more covered throughout a match.  There is also another very important and essential benefit to strength training that if done properly can reduce the risk of soccer injury by 50 percent. He has also spoken about sprints and Olympic lifts being major factors in his success as an athlete.  “In soccer we sprint a lot as it is, but there is a major difference between dedicated speed training and just playing and sprinting in the game.”

picture of Messi and teammates with cup.

Soccer worldwide is big business as one game in Europe for example for a Champions League match can bring in around 3 million dollars in gross sales to the team and stadium owners.

Messi is estimated to be worth over 100 million dollars and is the worlds best paid soccer player at the age of 25.