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by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Have you ever wondered why some people are just so moody and have high levels of stress? One of... Mental Fitness

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why some people are just so moody and have high levels of stress? One of the most common reasons is lack of exercise. Exercise has demonstrated to be highly effective in improving mental health. It helps you keep a good mood and it also reduces your stress level. This is why you should choose fitness activities that will help boost your heart rate.

Doing yoga is way to get your body and mind fit and rid you of mood swings and stress.

Doing yoga is way to get your body and mind fit and rid you of mood swings and stress.

Findings on Exercise and Mental Health
Researches show that a constant commitment to exercise lowers anxiety, decreases depression, increases self-esteem, and improves restful sleep.
Mental health effects of exercise are greater when you choose energetic, aerobic types of exercises that boost your heart rate and increase your blood circulation.
How can you use exercise to improve your mental health?
First, consider incorporating exercise routines into your daily life. Exercise for several times per week, every week, and you will get greater results. Being low on energy usually leads to not wanting to do not even a finger lift of weights. So you might want to start with a slow pace and choose exercises that challenge you just enough, but won’t discourage you.

Yoga and Mental Fitness
Yoga is a good form of exercise that builds on your mental health. Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and many Americans today are enjoying the health benefits that it brings. This form of exercise is based on learning physical poses, which are called asanas. They usually include some form of breathing technique and possibly a meditation technique. This exercise brings a great form of relaxation to the brain also enabling you to develop your flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga is a safe non-aerobic form of exercise, but it is not with-out its risks. Yoga injuries most commonly treated in emergency rooms involve overstretching and strain from repetition to the:
Yoga is a simple and beneficial way to keep your mental health in-shape, but you should check with your health care provider to see if yoga is right for you before getting started. I also recommend that you do not try learning how to do yoga on your own if you have never practiced it before. Seek for a certified instructor in yoga near you or buy the many certified yoga videos sold in the market today. They work just as well as long as you allow yourself to be guided all the way through and follow the instructions given carefully! If you have considered this form of exercise, please remember to do your stretching appropriately and carefully!
Rollerblading through the park, riding your bike in a scenic spot, or swimming at the beach are some other forms of exercises that you can do to get started. As you start to increase in stamina and endurance, challenge yourself further with longer periods of exercise.
A gym might be your preferred place of workout, but you can choose an outdoor activity to carry-out your routine. This will help you release tension and also save some spare change in your pockets.

Making Good Use of Our Natural Environment

The beauty of our natural environment has been proven to have a greater result on people who are feeling sad or anxious while exercising. Places with colorful flowers, mountains, and bodies of water are a good choice of places to exercise.
Here are some more exercises that you can take note of and put into practice.
These are all great ways to maintain a good mental fitness. These exercises help reduce anxiety, depression, negative moods, and improves self-esteem and cognitive function.
Thirty minutes of exercise per each giving above is enough to accomplish your goal. These 30 minutes need not to be continuous. You can take three 10 minute walks and they are equally useful as are 30 minute walks in the park.
Get started on these exercises daily and soon you’ll notice changes in the following aspects of your life:
•Improvement in sleep
•Increased interest in sex
•Better endurance
•Stress relief
•Improvement in mood
•Increased energy and stamina
•Reduced tiredness that can increase mental alertness
•Weight reduction
•Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness
Life can sometimes be really hard on us and bring lots of stress and depression causing troubles. But, now we know and have the answer to lowering those moody levels of stress, frustration, and more.
I hope to have brought great refreshing info for your mental fitness awareness. Until next time, friends, stay fit, lean, and stress free!