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Making healthy lunches for your kid Making healthy lunches for your kid
School cafeteria food with its missing nutrients, foods high in sugar and calories is back. Back to school means having basically little control over... Making healthy lunches for your kid

School cafeteria food with its missing nutrients, foods high in sugar and calories is back. Back to school means having basically little control over what your kids eats for lunch when in school unless you pack it yourself.  Whoever designs these menus (on a nationwide scale) has no concept and does not care about what foods our kids’ bodies need in order to perform at its bests during classes and do note that schools are not required to adhere to the nutritional requirements that are set by the U.S. government, this is truly shameful. gardening A simple Google search can reveal what foods a human body needs in order to learn at its best and to get that high GPA that will someday be considered by reputable Universities.  So the damage that is being done to your kids by them eating foods high in salt and saturated fats like pizza, nachos and burgers is devastating to say the least and will surely show come test time and college acceptance time. The typical lunch in a school cafeteria carries around 800 calories worth of mostly frozen processed foods and is not consistent with the recent dietary guideline.  And although your kids may love these foods they have basically no nutritional value and will not only hurt them in their studies but I trust will also have a damaging effect on their bodies down the line.

Eating a healthy lunch will keep your kids mind sharp and ready to learn all day and by teaching your child to choose healthier foods like salads and vegetables instead of French fries and soda will be a worthwhile lesson for them to learn and one which they themselves will be teaching their own kids someday.  Another option is to send your kids with a pre-packed lunch box full of hearty sandwiches with whole grain, salads and fruits.  One high school in Appleton Wisconsin replaced their regular poor quality school lunches with healthy fresh foods at lunch with water as the main beverage and the results were improved behavior from the students and zero truancy.

Here are some simple and trustworthy suggestions as to what foods you can pack into your kid’s next lunch box that will keep them in a high state of learning and will give you great results in the long run of your child’s education.

  1. Tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread.
  2. Chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread.
  3. Turkey wraps (you can also replace the turkey with, seafood, chicken, beef, pork or go full vegetarian)
  4. Ham and cheese pita pockets.
  5. BLT’s using turkey, chicken, or thinly sliced steak.
  6. Meatloaf sandwich.
  7. Hummus or guacamole, place these in Tupperware in their lunch box with freshly sliced veggies and or pita strips.
  8. Three bean chili or meat chili.
  9. Corn and tomato chowder.

10.  Vegetable salad.

11.  Any fresh fruits like apples, pears and grapes.

These food recommendations may sound great to us but keep in mind that for a child these may be a little bit too “healthy” and un-cool to eat, especially when your kid is surrounded by other kids that are stuffing their faces with fatty foods that will basically end up on their waistline. So smartly brief your child about the benefits of these foods and hope that they will take your advice and eat smart.  The results will surely show come test time.

Countless studies have shown that a nutritious lunch can dramatically help your child perform better in class.







With school starting, school lunches are back on our “parents’ to do” list. You want to ensure your child has a healthy lunch. After all, studies have shown that a nutritious lunch helps kids perform better in school. At the same time, you want your child to actually eat the lunch! Do you pack a healthy lunch box for your child? Do you give them money to buy their lunch at school and cross your fingers they select a healthy lunch? Do you buy some pre-packaged, grab and go meals that cost more, and are these even healthy? This article will provide you with some specific ideas that make it easy to create healthy and tasty school lunches that get your child eating healthy.