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How To Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter How To Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Have you realized that the way you have been going about with your health is not the right way?... How To Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Have you realized that the way you have been going about with your health is not the right way? And have you made the motivating decision to get healthy and fit, but it has become hard for you to stay motivated and keep true to your goal during the cold seasonal change?

Well, here is some news for you! Many who get on track to a healthy path, encounter self doubt through out the change of weather from hot to cold. So, you should not feel like this only happens to you and give up, because you are not the only one. What you need to do is, take time to read the following and apply what may be of great benefit to you.

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Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean you have to drop your fitness routine.

Like any other thing that we want to accomplish for ourselves, we have to keep in mind that it is progress that requires time. By setting short term gains you can strengthen your spirit, but shortcomings can also be equally disappointing.
So, your best bet is to remain focused on the long term benefits.

Take this for example, when you keep track of the progress over time, you can see how much better you feel now than you did days, months, or years ago. Even though you may skip a workout once in the blues and feel guilty for it, your long term benefits will still be on par.

I would just say to you; go with the temptation before you and deal with it. Sometimes, it is better than to resist and make yourself feel self deprived. Think of allowance as a treat, like rewarding all the good work you have done. Try to be realistic and tell yourself it is fine if you are not where you would like to be because you feel like indulging, but don’t allow it to become a habit or pattern.  For example, if every time you go for a walk you get a burger, then what you have yourself is, an unhealthy pattern in place. So, try to find healthy ways for allowance.

We all know that Winter time is usually a time of hibernation and for being a couch potato, and this is a natural reaction to less light, less endorphins and less of a positive frame of mind.

And this is due to the fact that the sun has many beneficial properties which help us keep feeling energized. Food that are starchy and fatty, also  tend to be better for keeping us warm during the winter. You should recognize that going to the gym will in fact help you boost your well being and your body temperature, so try not giving in every time you feel like staying home.

Yes, it is fine if you do give yourself rest days when you feel like it will be just too much to get out, but don’t use it as an excuse to break with a good nutrition for your body. Planning on staying in to watch a movie? Good, have air popped corn with nutritional yeast and olive oil, do some light stretching and take a bath with bath salts so you get the most out of your relaxation time.

Whatever you do though, don’t allow cold weather to bring you down. Once you have warmed up outside, you will begin to feel like a cozy bear in its hibernation time. Fresh air will exhilarate your body as the clean air smoothly clears your respiratory system. One great thing about winter exercise is that you are much less likely to overheat, but still, bring along lots of fresh water to keep hydrated.

I suggestion one thing will help you to keep things moving while winter season winds down is, ginger tea. Ginger tea can be made from the fresh root, and drank in the morning as a faint circulatory stimulant and to help you heat up your body for a workout. You can combined it with green tea which can help you increase your body’s metabolism, leading to better fat burning results. This will also give you extra energy to carry out your workout routine.

Well, there you have it! Not always is allowing yourself to fall off track in your workout routine bad and there is always a way around from losing your motivation, but you need to be strong enough to not allow yourself to make it a habit like I mentioned before.