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Maintaining Manners At The Gym Maintaining Manners At The Gym
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer In your gym, what are yours and the other member´s manners like? Are the rules set by the gym... Maintaining Manners At The Gym

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

In your gym, what are yours and the other member´s manners like? Are the rules set by the gym or facility in which you participate being followed? If not, it is time for someone to step up and give the rules a review.

Manners are an essential part throughout every part of our life and just because we are in a get strong and tough environment, it does not mean that we should take on a Viking attitude and workout within an area full of empty water bottles, nutrition bar wraps, or towels thrown everywhere.

gym manners

Don’t waste time hogging equipment while talking on a cell phone while at the gym. If you need to make a call, go to the locker room or outside.

Do you wonder why sometimes you feel like there is no motivation in you once or ever? Well, big part of it is due to your surroundings. A place that has loud people roaming on their cells phones can be very distracting. Junk thrown around can give a sense of discuss and discomfort. A place that is inappropriate for exercise, can give off a sense of stress and depression. Clean and organized places with colorful colors will always cheer you up and keep you motivated.

Whatever the public place you may choose to carry out your exercise routine, there should rules that set boundaries to its participants such as, keeping the area clean and organized, maintaining a low moderate voice that will not distract the next person and respect for others.

One should always be polite and be considerate of time being spent on the machines. Remember that there are many others trying to get a good workout, also. And you should always be an example for others at all times. Make sure to keep your areas of usage clean and organized after finishing your exercise at hand.

Remember to always return all equipment to its original place for in not doing so; you can create a risk of danger for others. Leaving dumbbells misplaced on the floor can be very dangerous for others that may not be aware.

The following policies should be respect and kept at all cause to have a peaceful workout:

Cell Phones:

Cell phones should not be allowed onto the gym floor. They are disruptive to others for many reasons such as; loud ring tones, extensive conversations and the possibility of camera phones. If it is a must for someone to carry their cell phone, then it should be kept on vibrate and if a call comes in, they should walk and answer outside in order not to disturb others with his/her conversation.

Suitable Clothing:

A dress code should be required to ensure that people wear suitable gym wear. Many people go to the gym with attire that may not be the best suited for a gym environment. When a member walks around the facility in revealing clothing, it makes the gym look bad and causes other members to feel either distracted or intimidated. If there is a member that is immodestly dressed, his/her attention should be called through the gym´s management.

Arrival Time:

You should always be on time for your workout classes. Arriving late may also cause others to be distracted. Many people don’t think twice about walking into a fitness class 5 or 10 minutes late. But, remember that the time lost will have a bigger impact on you when it comes to your body´s fitness.

In the Locker Room:

The locker room is one area where bad manners can lead to awkward encounters. Some people are perfectly comfortable walking around with no garments on, while others are completely offended by it. So, I suggest that you always walk around with a towel covering your body parts.

Besides covering your body, make sure to lift all garments and towels that may belong to you. Use the bins located near the exit doors to place any dirty towels on the way out. Throw away all trash such as; candy wraps, gum, and other garbage that can be disposed of properly. If others are not keeping up with the rules, point out what the signs posted say about keeping the locker room clean.

Educate Members:

In addition, educate new members about gym manners. Volunteer to be a guide for those who are new comers to the facility and this way you and others will manage to keep up the cause you have all been fighting for.

Monitor Members:

You should ask staff members to conduct a regular walk-through of the gym to observe member behavior. People might not take it so kindly of others telling them what to do and that is why the staff members should be the ones to take hand in the matter.

People are more likely to follow the Members are more likely to follow the rules if they know that they are being watched. If you are concerned about embarrassing people, discreetly pull them to the side and speak to them quietly and professionally. By maintaining respect and professionalism in your communication, you can easily solve most issues. Some individuals will always bend the rules and violate facility rules. But, you should always do the best on your side and model appropriate behavior.

Here is another list of things that you should not do and should do:

  • Leave your exercise bag in the locker room and other belongings.
  • Be considerate to not fill up your water bottle if there is a line waiting to reach the water fountain.
  • Refrain from yelling, using profanity, banging weights and making loud sounds.
  • Keep your behind off the weight machines.
  • Re-stack weights and return all other equipment and accessories to where they belong.
  • Inform yourself with the proper way to use equipment before using it to avoid having others wait meanwhile you figure it out.
  • Clean off all equipment after using it.
  • Keep up with the time limits that have been posted.
  • Keep children off the gym floor and in the childcare area.
  • Try not to interrupt others and focus on your own routine.
  • Make sure to wash your hands and wipe off perfume and lotions before beginning your workout.