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Lower your Stress with Food Lower your Stress with Food
Have you been feeling stressed out lately?  Between work and trying to managing your families and kids hectic schedule one can become quite exasperated... Lower your Stress with Food

picture of woman stressed out in kitchen

Have you been feeling stressed out lately?  Between work and trying to managing your families and kids hectic schedule one can become quite exasperated and helpless as the waves of stress can easily wash over you and leave you feeling worn out and ready to snap.  Well there are many ways in which one can lower ones stress levels.

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Some do it by working out at the gym, others by doing yoga at home, others by taking long walks or jogging and even others treat stress with alcohol and drugs which is surely the wrong way to go as this will lead to more and more stress as your body now has to deal with the onslaught of chemicals that it now has to purge out of its system and thus adding more stress to you.

Food is now the greatest and most delicious way to reduce ones stress levels and should be take advantage of any chance one can get.

picture of almonds and walnuts

  • To start with Walnuts and almonds are also great as they are loaded with vitamin B and E which work to boost your immune system and also are helpful in lowering your blood pressure.
  • Sweet potatoes are also great for reducing stress as they satisfy the urge that one gets for high carb foods and sweets when one is under a tremendous amount of stress.  They are also loaded with vitamins and beta-carotene and also contain fiber which can help your body process the carbs in a slow way and thus be more beneficial for you.
  • Oranges are wonderful for reducing stress levels and the vitamin C is aid full in lowering ones blood pressure and reducing stress, especially after a stressful  situation and the vitamin C is also great for your immune system.
  • Dried apricots are also great as stress reducers as they are rich in magnesium which is a natural stress reducer and is also a natural muscle relaxant.
  • Take full advantage of this holiday season by eating plenty of turkey as well as turkey contains a certain amino acid named L-tryptophan.  This acid triggers the release of serotonin which is a wonderful natural chemical which will make you feel good.  This is the primary reason why so many people feel relaxed, calm and even sleepy after eating turkey.
  • Spinach is also a good food to include in your diet because it contains magnesium which can stop headaches and fatigue from starting.
  • Basically any green vegetable will give you loads of vitamins that can help replenish your body when the waves of stress come around.picture of green vegetables

These foods will certainly help you in having better control when things appear out of control but as always you must do your part by exercising daily, and perhaps by eating small meals and snacks throughout the day which will be very helpful in regulating your blood sugar levels as a low blood sugar level will automatically increase physical, mental and emotional stress and leave you better prepared to deal with those waves of stress.