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Loosing 40 lbs by Counting: Continuing the Count Loosing 40 lbs by Counting: Continuing the Count
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer In the articles “Calorie Counting” and “Losing 40lbs by Counting:  Calorie Counting Pt.2” we introduce the concept of calorie... Loosing 40 lbs by Counting: Continuing the Count

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

In the articles “Calorie Counting” and “Losing 40lbs by Counting:  Calorie Counting Pt.2” we introduce the concept of calorie counting as a way to lose a few pounds.  We then moved into part of the life experience of Chepe, who had a weight of 230lb, a height of 1.66m and deteriorating health from being Class 2 Obese.  By the end of the article we had narrated how he lost 12lb in 4 weeks by just counting his calorie intake.  Nothing else changed in his routine other than the food intake.  In this article we will let you know how this weight loss affected this health and how his diet continued for the next weeks.

When we started Chepe had a BMI of 38, 2 points below being Class 3 Obese.  His sugar level was over 350mg/dL while his triglyceride level was over 1000mg/dL and his cholesterol level was over 600mg/dL.  After losing the first 12lb, Chepe went for another round of blood tests out of his own curiosity as to how the weight loss affected these levels.  First of all, his BMI went from 38 to less than 36, closer to being Class 1 Obese and farther from being Class 3.

So the test results are in and are the following: sugar level was 200mg/dL (upper limit is 120mg/dL), triglyceride level was over 400mg/dL (upper limit is 150mg/dL) and his cholesterol level was over 300mg/dL (upper limit is 240mg/dL).  Yes they were still very high but very low compare to the previous tests.  So imagine how losing a few pounds in a month can bring health levels closer to their normal ranges.  Chepe went to the Dr and she confirmed that the results were indeed high but better than last time.  She gave him the “I told you so!” speech about losing weight to improve the high health levels and reverse diabetes.  She also advised him to buy a glucose meter to check his sugar level to see if it got better with the weight loss, if he planned to continue losing more weight.calorie counting

Besides, feeling better from the results from the blood works Chepe was feeling better physically and felt more energetic.  He was no getting sick as often and open cuts were healing faster.  He was advised by is his friend (who had lost 47lb in a year) not to exercise yet and just to focus on the counting a bit longer.  This way he will be and feel lighter to do some cardio later on.

When Chepe started his food intake totaled a daily average of 3700.  In the first week his average was 2200 and by the end of the 4th week his average intake was 1600.  In the 5th week, the calorie intake averaged just less than 1500.  It was easier to move down the calorie intake by this point.  His appetite had been “educated” to receive less food to be satisfied.  The hunger urges were less each time, which we quenched with water.  His mind was also concentrated on other activities and less on food.  By the end of the week, Chepe had lost 3lb.

Just when Chepe thought he had all measured up and solved, he became too overconfident.  With overconfidence come blunders.  So by the end of the 6th week Chepe just lost 1lb.  What had happened?  Well, his daily average for the week went up to 1800.  He was still under the limit given by the program but took some meals late in the night and then went to bed.  Hardly any calorie burning was done by the body.

By the end of the 7th week his average had just gone down to 1750 and he had lost just 2lb.  Chepe was still eating meals after 8pm.  Plus, he ate a few meals way after 8pm, which he had concluded previously was his time limit for the last meal of the day.  Studies have shown that the last meal of the day should be 2-3 hours before going to bed.  An effective breakdown of the food in humans is 1-2 hours after eating.

So seeing that his weekly weight loss average was less than 3lb, Chepe became stricter in his intake, his last meal times and also got some measuring cups and spoons to be more precise in his counting records.  He also would try to sleep more, to be less prone to snacking and picking at night time.  His change paid off.  By the end of the 8th week his daily calorie average was down to 1550.  His loss for the week was 4lb.

His total loss for the 2nd set of four weeks was 10lb.  The cumulative loss in the 8 weeks was 22lb.  His BMI was close to 34.  He was almost 1 point below of being Class 2 obese.  He had moved down a scale to Class 1.  Chepe was feeling great and was now feeling more committed to the counting and was now setting new goals to be able to move from Class 1 into overweight and eventually to normal weight.  His weight goal moved from 180 to 170.  It now seemed easy to reach.

In the next article we will conclude this experience and see how Chepe incorporates exercise with the counting to get more positive results.