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Lean or Bulky Muscles? Lean or Bulky Muscles?
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Ok, let’s talk about the differences of big muscles and lean muscles. Keep in mind that to stay lean... Lean or Bulky Muscles?

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Ok, let’s talk about the differences of big muscles and lean muscles. Keep in mind that to stay lean we need muscle, but when we talk about long-term health goals and fitness in the long run, we need to know the difference between these two.
Want to know what sort of muscles you should focus on to achieve your goal? Well, lets take a closer look at the benefits of both big and lean muscles and how you can build them.
In the next couple of paragraphs I will point out the advantages and disadvantages of both big and lean muscles and what you can do to obtain a good physical look.
What do you need to do to create big muscle? 

big muscles

Big muscles will make you feel better about your body but lean muscles give you more flexibility.

If you are woman, there is almost no natural way to build big muscle. You would have to spend endless hours working out and consume dozens of protein supplementation to make it happen. But, if you are a man with a nice amount of protein intake and natural tendency towards gaining muscle, then you will see muscle growth really soon with the right exercise.
Should your focus be on one body part per session?
Focusing on only your back and biceps; or chest and shoulders; or legs per session helps build big muscles. Working out 6 times a week and focusing on 2 days per body part, will surely bring out a bulge before you can even say 1,2,3. By working out like this may cause some parts of your body to grow unnaturally big compared to others. Don’t be surprised if you notice that with some body parts you are able to lift heavier weight with greater resitance.
Big muscles
Fat loss: The gain of any muscle will result in a higher metabolism and loss of fat.
Feel good factor: As you look at your progress of your building big muscles in the mirror, you will start to feel good about yourself.
Fast results: The results of doing this type of workout will show quickly for many men.
Loss in flexibility: Having big muscles makes you bulky and the result of this is becoming less flexible.
Unnatural look: Big muscles may make your body look exaggerated and unnatural.
Endless hours at the gym: Building big muscles require you to spend endless hours for days at the gym and all for a result that will fade away quickly with one or two months of rest.
Boredom: Your main exercise will become working out at the gym and this will cause you to become bored.
What can you do to build lean muscle?
Men and women can both easily build lean muscles by carrying out full body exercises, sprinting, eating healthy foods, proteins and doing yoga.
You will need to understand how your body works in order to build lean muscle and do natural movements to achieve your body’s natural form. Full body exercises such as squats, pushups, deadlifts, suryanamaskars, and overhead press are great for building lean muscle and shedding off some fat.
Advantages of lean muscle 
Makes you stronger: Because of the natural full body movements that are involved in such workouts, you will gain strength and speed.
Flexibility: Body weight workouts and yoga makes you more flexible and so does going for a run and sprinting.
More variety: While building lean muscle you do not need to spend too much time in the gym, so it gives you a lot of leisure time to join classes and have fun out with family and friends.
Natural body shape: While working out you will see that your body takes its natural shape as the fat melts away. Your arms and legs look strong and lean the way they were intended to be. These muscles tend to last longer even after having stopped your workout routine for a while.
Long term fat loss: Building lean muscle is the only way towards long term fat loss.
If you ask me to choose from both types of muscles mentioned, I’d go for the lean muscles. Lean muscle is the healthier option in the long run because it is easier to stick to a routine that offers flexibility and is also a much more natural way to stay fit and workout.
Wondering what happened to the disadvantages of lean muscles? It’s simple, there are none.
So go ahead, knock yourself out with lean muscles that in the long run, they will more of use to you than anything else.