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Laughter Can Improve Your Health Laughter Can Improve Your Health
  Many have said over the years that laughter is the best medicine and while many of us definitely agree with this statement very... Laughter Can Improve Your Health


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Many have said over the years that laughter is the best medicine and while many of us definitely agree with this statement very few of us actually know that this really is the best medicine and best of all its free or at least the price of a good DVD rental or half an hour at the couch.

But while your doctor may not recommend for you to take this seriously because him like any good doctor has bills and houses to pay for you may find that this most inexpensive of all medicines may be the best and there are many forms of therapy that if self used and utilized will keep you on the lighter side of things indefinably.  Sigmund Freud actually defined laughter as a relief of psychic energy and tension and confirmed that one can also use laughter for dealing with sadness and anger and many since then have agreed that this is in fact true as many would rather laugh than cry. Laughing is great when dealing with stress and can be used as a form of antidepressant that is 100 percent natural and will have no side effects except a light pain in the gut from laughing so much and one who is suffering from depression can “self medicate” themselves as these endorphins are also analgesics and can be aid full in lessening physical pain.

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The thing is that when you laugh you are activating the ventromedial prefrontal cortex which is the part of the brain that produces endorphins.  Laughing will also increase blood flow and is wonderful in treating those with heart problems and high blood pressure. Laughter is also great as it actually increases the number of antibody producing cells increases the effectiveness of T-cells and because of this your immune system will be dramatically rejuvenated.  Laughing can also be likened to working out as it can be awesome for your abdominal muscles and help in burning some of those love handles away.

Some people have paid good money to attend forced laughter classes were you really not in your element to really let it out.  However there are many ways in which one can have a bundle of laughs and keep you saving money at the same time.

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Try these simple suggestions on how to get more of a laugh in your life:


  • Watch your favorite sitcom more often or if you don’t have one jump on YouTube and type in funny videos, that should do it.
  • Make a weekly date with your family or partner for movie night and make it a comedy
  • Go to a comedy club more often (but be sure to steer clear of the booze as this may ruin your concept of just going out for a laugh to stay in shape and you might end up having one too many)
  • Look for “happy” people to hang out with, people who take life less serious but are still in the rat race and happily succeeding, you know the old saying that misery loves company well happy people love happy people
  • Have family activities which include lots of outdoors activities and games which the whole family can play and laugh about, the goofier the game the more laughs you will be sure to have.

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You will be sure to have more peace of mind and also have a happier approach to life and also not take things so seriously and most importantly you will be adding years to your life and to those around you and stay healthy.