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Is Homosexuality Caused By BPA Bisphenol-A? Is Homosexuality Caused By BPA Bisphenol-A?
Many newborns out there do not even have a fighting chance at their sex gender or sexual preference anymore because of this evil and... Is Homosexuality Caused By BPA Bisphenol-A?

picture of Group plastic bottles of water

Many newborns out there do not even have a fighting chance at their sex gender or sexual preference anymore because of this evil and deadly Bisphenol-A (BPA).  This evil chemical contaminates drinks served in plastic containers, that burger which was wrapped in BPA laced burger paper wrap and even in that water bottle that you just took a sip out of.   Trace amounts have also been widely found in a variety of products that you use today such as business cards, school books, school paper, envelopes, flyers, food wrappers/cartons, tickets, newspapers, paper napkins, receipts at stores, that toilet paper you use everyday and even international currency.  BPA is mostly used in plastic products and the linens of drink and food products.   The body can absorb it not only by ingesting it but also by skin contact and inhalation.   Many of its effects on the body include a vast variety of healthy complications such as behavior problems, reproductive cancer, low sperm count in men and diabetes to name a few.  Abnormal weight gain, prostate cancer was also found in lab rats.

Its effects on children and infants are vast and dangerous and have an impact on their brains, reproductive systems, behavior and prostate glands.  The effects also include simulation of the mammary glands and an earlier age for puberty in female fetuses, children and infants.  Reduced birth-weight fetal and neonatal mortality was also found to be predominant in the experiments.  The BPA mimics estrogenic activity and severely has an affects on dopaminergic processes to enhance mesolimbic dopamine activity, which results in hyperactivity, attention deficits, and a heightened sensitivity to abusive drugs.

BPA changes the expression of key developmental genes, which form the uterus, and impact female reproductive tract development and future fertility of female fetuses. BPA exposure also causes long-term adverse reproductive and carcinogenic effects when exposure occurs during prenatal critical periods of differentiation.

This neonatal exposure can disrupt ovarian development, reduce estrogen synthesis, can permanently alter the hypothalamic estrogen-dependent mechanism which governs sexual behavior in females and greatly affects sexual differentiation in males, which I can safely say is what causes homosexuality in humans today, instead of choosing an alternate lifestyle the choice has already been made for them.   Those with male dysfunction can also blame BPA for that as exposure to BPA was proven to be the cause in BPA factory male workers and they also experienced reduced sexual desire and overall dissatisfaction with their sex life.  The BPA damage can go as far as altering your genetic makeup and alter your genes so your future offspring’s can be born with a host of medical, behavioral complications and pre-determined sexual preferences.

This chemical can also affect the uterus by decreasing regulation of gene expression.  These changes can cause a human to over-respond to estrogen throughout ones life long after BPA exposure which widely suggest that BPA can program the body to become over sensitive to estrogen and the effect being that one can suffer from advance puberty, fertility complications, reproductive system cancer, reproductive and developmental function.  Male rats in laboratory experiments that were exposed to BPA became de-masculinized and behaved more like females in their spatial navigational abilities and also became less desirable to female rats.

Are you still drinking out of that plastic bottle?

BPA is bad stuff and should be regulated more justly and not allowed to roam free and added to everything that we and our children use in our daily lives as its exposure to all of us will have a great and lasting affect on the future of the population and society of this Earth.