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Indoor Wall Climbing Indoor Wall Climbing
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer As a child, I remember how much I used to love climbing up my rope ladder to get into... Indoor Wall Climbing

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

As a child, I remember how much I used to love climbing up my rope ladder to get into my tree house. It was a hassle, but also much fun. This was about 20 years ago, and if you would have told me then that climbing would become the latest way to stay fit in 2013, I would not have believed it. Climbing, such as wall climbing, gives you not only taut muscles, but also helps strengthen your bones and prevents possible knee problems.

Climbing as a type of exercise is highly turning out to be a popular exercise among women around the country. Besides getting rid of weight and keeping fit, climbing helps women build stronger knee bones and tone calf and thigh muscles. indoor wall climbing

It is a great way to build muscle and you can also choose from a variety of workouts on the fit wall. Besides climbing, this wall comes with a variety of tubes, straps and bars making it a very versatile piece of equipment that one can even install at home. You can use the step platform for a quick step-up workout and the bars can be used to help you stretch before each climb.

Asking yourself what are the health benefits?
Well, any climbing simulation can really toughen your lower body and the wall fits right into that mode. Climbing has multiple benefits as an exercise regime that you would never imagine. It trains you to be fit, builds endurance, and focus.

It is a great calorie shredder, bringing different muscles into play for women. And especially in the aspect of toning the leg muscles – hams, glutes and quadriceps.

As you are climbing you are also pulling in your ab muscles, which means that in turn it also helps you tone the stomach. And as we all know it, this is one of the most difficult areas to keep in shape due to fast fat build-up, but it is nothing a few climbs won’t get rid of.

For those who seem to pass endless hours in front of the computer working, or sitting in front of the television slouched playing video games, climbing is a great exercise. It firms up the backbone and back muscles. But, if you like to walk around looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, then stay away from the wall. Just saying!

Now, be cautious! Even though women the age of 16 and up cab climb the wall, first they should verify with their doctor to receive approval before climbing up one.

Sometimes we need to research on certain types of exercises, because not every one is fit for our body conditions. This will avoid you the hassle that getting injured brings and also some spare change in your pockets. Don’t feel down, though. There are other alternatives that are just as fascinating as wall climbing that I’m sure you’d like if the doctor were to prescribe for you to stay away from climbing.

This is one alternative: The Spiderman Crawl 

This exercise can be done for the same distance as the rope you would normally use in a gym. It is like a bear walk, only that you are about an inch of the ground with your arms and legs bent.

Indoor Wall Climbing is also suited for kids. There are many small walls that you can pick from, buy , and install in your child’s room. But, you can also choose to build them a very nice tree house, like I once had, in which they would be required to climb up.

Here are the benefits that climbing has to offer:

The Physical Benefits are:
Lean, endurance Muscles
Core muscles
Low impact aerobic workout
Cardiovascular system
Hands and fingers,
Forearms and upper arms
Shoulders, neck, upper back

The Mental Benefits are:
Decision Making
Problem Solving
Goal Setting
Self Confidence
Stress Relief
Sense of Achievement
Spatial awareness
Motor Skills

Now that you are updated with this newest fitness trend, I hope that the benefits wall climbing has to provide are enough to motivate you onto a wall soon. You will see how much fun it is and the amazing results it will cause in your body.