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In defense of Lance Armstrong In defense of Lance Armstrong
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? And not just guilty but guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Isn't that the standard and... In defense of Lance Armstrong

by Kimberly Allen R.N.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  And not just guilty but guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Isn’t that the standard and law by which all people in our country are judged by?  This is just another instance where our government creates it’s own rules.  Just like on TV these guys can lie and cheat to get whatever information they’re after and just like on TV if you don’t want to play their game and ask for a lawyer they assume your guilty.  “Don’t need a lawyer if you didn’t do anything wrong”.  Well, that’s just not true just like the police the government likes to play head games and “psych” people into believing what they want them to.  I can think of several times they done that including the “Ramsey” case,  they tried to convince everyone the parents did it when they decided to involve attorneys for their protection.  I for one am impressed that Lance Armstrong had the nerve to stand up to them and say ” enough is enough, I’m not playing your game anymore’.
Despite the fact that Travis Tygart and his marry band of witch hunters at the USADA do not have the authority or jurisdiction to bring these charges but they don’t have the authority to strip Lance Armstrong of anything and have been told to stop by the organizations that do have jurisdiction they have continued to go after him.  That screams personal vendetta.  It seems pretty obvious that Tygart has a personal motive.  The organizations that do have authority and jurisdiction have asked Tygart to turn over all the evidence they have against Armstrong but they don’t want to do that.  Why?  because there is no evidence.  They claim they have “found” some tests that show Armstrong was “doping”,  where did these tests come from  Were did they “find” these tests that no one else has?  All the tests that Armstrong took were available for not just the UCI but the public including the USADA and none of them were consistent with doping.  The charges hinge on 1 cyclist that was caught doping saying ‘Lance did it too’.  That is so obviously coming from a person that is jealous that someone is better than he is.  Also, if Armstrong did participate in or orchestrate a “team doping campaign” then why was only the 1 cyclist caught doping?  It doesn’t pass the smell test.
It will be a sad day for sports if the UCI and other international organizations allow themselves to be bullied by Tygart and his band of witch hunters. I think it’s time that those organizations stand up to the USADA and tell them they can’t make their own rules.  It is the International cycling community that has the authority to either strip Armstrong of his titles or let him keep them not Tygart and the USADA so there is still hope for Armstrong and as they have no evidence to the contrary I would hope they would do the right thing and tell Tygart, the USADA and the rest of the sports community that they will not be bullied into doing something that is just plain wrong by allowing Armstrong to retain his titles.  He earned them and all the evidence says he played by the rules of all the governing bodies when he earned them.
The USADA has been charging Armstrong for 17years yet have never proven anything,  they’re worse than an energizer bunny, they just don’t know when to stop and simply refuse to accept they’re wrong.  I don’t blame Armstrong on bit for finally saying I’ve had enough.  Though I’m not surprised that Tygart used his decision to claim victory and declare that he must be guilty.  Anyone with an ego that big just can’t handle being told no.  I’m curious to see what his reaction will be if and when the International community also stands up to him and says no.

Kimberly Allen is a registered nurse with an AND in nursing. She has worked in ACF, LCF and psychiatric facilities, although she spent most of her career as a home health expert. She is now a regular contributor to, dispensing advice and knowledge about medical issues and questions. You can reach her with any comments or questions at