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How To Turn Exercise into a Fitness Habit How To Turn Exercise into a Fitness Habit
No one says that you have to go to a gym or buy equipment or that exercise has to be strenuous and painstaking long.  ... How To Turn Exercise into a Fitness Habit

picture of Group of five people is doing stretching exercises in fitness club on gym mats

No one says that you have to go to a gym or buy equipment or that exercise has to be strenuous and painstaking long.   You have to be able to shift your perception of exercise as being regimented to exercise being a physical activity that can be enjoyed and taken advantage of and accomplish a few other things along the ways.  I heard of a person who took this advice of old and went from weighing 300 pounds to weighing just under 200 and had a great time doing it taking karate classes 5 times per week and got his black belt in the process.   He took the time to workout doing something that would bring him more rewards besides losing weight. This is just one example of what a person can achieve if they change their perspective or cross over the paradigm that exercise has to be sweaty, painful and breathtaking at times and worst of all a dreaded routine.  There are many great and fun sports that can start you on your quest to stay fit and happy like tennis, swimming, cycling, karate, yoga, even gardening, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling to name a few.  Another good way to keep this new routine is to commit to another person as the social aspect is very important and will further motivate you to get in action as you will never let your friend down by not showing up or even better picking them up on the way there.  You can also get exercise out of the way by doing it first thing in the morning as many things along the day may sabotage your desire to workout or to go yoga class right after a heavy meal causing you to look for excuses not to workout, so if you do it first thing in the morning its out of the way and is a whole lot better than drinking a cup of coffee which ages you rapidly.

If you live in a densely populated area look for a gym that is on your way to work, as this will further motivate you to workout on your way to or from work.   Also see if you can workout on your way to work as many people have now adopted the routine of riding their bicycles to and from work, just be sure that your place of employment has a separate entry for employees and even more importantly has employee showers for you to use.  You can also reward yourself at the conclusion of a predetermined target like buying new walking shoes after you have achieved 5,000 steps per day or getting that new iPhone 5 that just came out after you have lost x amount of weight.  Experts agree that making behavioral changes is hard, and should be reward motivated. So decide on a goal and a reward, and work toward it.

picture of  men and women - spinning in gym or fitness club exercising their legs doing cardio training; the trainer is in front

Other fun and easy ways to turn exercise into a habit is to…

  • Walk the family dog
  • Dance
  • Do it like Gordon Gecko from the movie Wall Street and walk around the room when you’re talking on the cell phone.
  • Have a nightly pillow fight.  Sounds crazy right, but a good 15 minutes of pillow fighting per night will certainly get your metabolism going and getting those extra calories burned out right before bedtime.
  • Clean your room and everyone else’s too.  Everyone will think that they are getting a personal slave but in reality your working out and staying is shape so bring on those dirty hampers and clothes scattered all over the floor.
  • Make love to your partner.  Don’t just lie there and let or make them do all the work; get involved by massaging them and giving them pleasure.

By changes your approach you will have a much better and easier time in keeping and sticking to your diet plan and get a whole lot more enjoyment out of life.