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How the Sun Effects our Emotions How the Sun Effects our Emotions
The weather is a particularly large indicator as to how your mood will be affected and it is important to note that our moods... How the Sun Effects our Emotions

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The weather is a particularly large indicator as to how your mood will be affected and it is important to note that our moods like the tide can be affected by the weather.   Here we will take a look at how the sun can affect our emotions and our peace of mind. The general term for this concept is named Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.  This condition is most commonly known as winter depression, winter blues or seasonal depression and basically describes a condition in which an individual can find their mood so wrapped to the changing weather that they actually exhibit symptoms very closely related to depression each time winter comes around.

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To start with there are many reasons as to why a person will experience SAD but generally it has been known to be related to the amount of sunlight that one receives. Thus it is not in fact the cold that brings the blues around but rather the lack of light that gets into your brain that can cause one to feel down and grumpy.

Our bodies absorb light and vitamin D through the eyes and the thin parts of our skulls and skin and helps in regulating the circadian rhythms of or our internal clocks. This light triggers many chemical reactions in our brains that allow us to feel more happy and alert.

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For starters this light is what ceases or stops the production of melatonin (which is the sleep hormone that is released by our brain when we are ready or trying to fall asleep) to stop thus making us more alert and awake.  The vitamin D is unique because it functions as a prohormone as the body synthesizes it as vitamin D3 when the body has received the proper sunlight.

The sunlight is very helpful in the production of serotonin as it causes our brains to produce certain hormones and also improves our neurotransmitters. It is also very cool to note that some of the side effects of Serotonin can be an increase in self confidence, a lower level of hunger and a better ability to sleep and dream.

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This serotonin has been and is also added to antidepressants as well because of its feel good qualities that it gives those who take it.  It is important to note that the condition known as SAD will not only come about during the winter months but also during those months that there are a lot of overcast clouds and thus not allowing your body to receive the suns important nutrients that your body desperately needs.

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It is also very important to note that SAD cases have been widely reported in those people who work at night and thus do not have an opportunity to get sunlight and in those people who live in parts of the world where the sunlight is only around for limited months like in Sweden where it is dark for seven months out of every year.  So the next time that you are feeling down and out or just plain grumpy, take a look at the amount of sunlight that you are getting and get out there and get some more.  It is wonderful to know that this is one great and healthy thing for us that is completely free and readily available.

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