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How Healthy and Fit is Facebook For You? How Healthy and Fit is Facebook For You?
It seems that everyone and their neighbor is on Facebook nowadays and with parents having less and less control over their kids online time... How Healthy and Fit is Facebook For You?

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It seems that everyone and their neighbor is on Facebook nowadays and with parents having less and less control over their kids online time those numbers will just keep going up.  One study has revealed that 50 percent of Americans over the age of 12 now have Facebook profiles and with new studies being done on the effect that this social network can have on our mood, friendships, body image etc.  one has to ask the main question about how healthy this Facebook really is for us.  There have been various reports about depressions caused by Facebook stemming from its addictiveness like a crack fiend who is addicted to crack cocaine.

In all fairness we will detail the positive and negative health benefits of Facebook.

To start with the positive Facebook can trigger and fuel a person’s self-esteem as the very act of posting something about yourself can boost your ego and lift your mood as you yourself can control the image that you show to the social network world.

Your bonds of friendship will also be strengthened as private messaging and wall posts can allow one to share memories with friends, laugh about past incidents and promote happy feelings.   Shyness and loneliness will also fade away as info from friend’s news can boost feelings of bonding even in those people with low social skills.  Friends information can also trigger conversational topics which otherwise would not be available for those not on the social network and can help those come out of the shell of shyness.  A study done on kids 10 to 16 revealed that the social network improved communication skills and gave the kids an outlet to talk about personal topics.

As far as the negative effects of Facebook to start with Facebook time can cause depression in many if not being able to use this social network to their hearts content which most of the time can be all night and all day and can also lead others to turn to unsafe sexual practices, substance abuse, and even promote self-destructive behavior.  The addictiveness of Facebook can be huge in a kid whose self-esteem is low and has been caused to be low by their appearance and self-image.

Facebook can also trigger eating disorders in girls and women such as extreme dieting, anorexia and bulimia as the exposure to online fashion, very successful paper thin models, and the Medias emphasis on weight loss and weight control.

Facebook time can also cause uncontrolled and unhealthy weight gain as thoughts of exercising go right out the window once you plop yourself in front of that computer and spend hours on the social network.   Ads on Facebook as well can expose and temp you to eat unhealthy snacks saturated with artificial sweeteners and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup which on its own will cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease) and cause you to concentrate more on these unhealthy snacks instead of healthy fruits and vegetables which you do not see on ads on any social network site, (please feel free to check for yourself on this as you will most often see soft drinks and fast food ads.)

The addictiveness of Facebook can also harm your health by keeping you a slave of that computer and keep you seated for long periods of time.  With the overabundance of apps and games online triggered by Facebook you can literary spend hours if not days playing these nonproductive games which are designed to get you addicted and this still time can harm your body and heart rate as the lack of proper exercise will add weight to your body and mixed along with the fast food and bad unhealthy snacks can take you to the grave earlier than you expected.


The bottom line of all this is that you yourself can take control of your social network time and decide which direction you want to go with it and depending on your endgame you can either end up mentally and physically screwed up or a healthy person who knows wisely how to use this social network for the better.