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By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer The video game industry has always left alot to be desired when it comes to how healthy their customers... Healthy Video Games

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By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer

The video game industry has always left alot to be desired when it comes to how healthy their customers stay throughout their playing time with their product while plouched on a couch for hours at a time and stuffing their faces with everything imaginable that can come in a bag, can or from fast food, and I ain’t talking healthy either.  It has been well reported and noted that the average person spends from 3 to 5 hours per day on a couch playing video games.  There are also many who spend well over that amount of time and suffering the costs of that unhealthy environment with the added weight gain and paley white skin and you can only imagine what they would look like if they spent that time playing video games that involved physical activity (strenuous at times depending on the game) and enjoyment because they are doing something they like doing and can define a whole new healthy lifestyle.

Since the Wii showed up those same customers are now psychically involved in their games and upping their motor skills, heart rate and levels of endorphins.  These games can leave a person as sore as the gym would have them as they use digital sensors to allow the player to virtually be involved in the game at hand.  A whole new generation of couch potatoes may have some hope as these exciting games can turn that living room which was once a dark and noisy cave filled with the scent of day old pizza and french fries into a bright energy filled arena where the kids(and you) can play, learn new sports and be happy.  Now instead of trying to figure out where or how to work out just head to the living room (many people I know have installed them in their large basements or garages) and get that much deserved workout.  With the quick advancement of computer game technology the games available will be limitless but as always the basics is always the first place to begin to learn something and these video games offer a solid variety of start-off games like baseball, bowling, tennis, golf and even dancing.  With the right fun attitude you can engage in these games on a set schedule or if your the spontaneous kind then whenever you feel like it but as long as you do it as least 5 times per week for just 30 minutes per day.  Its always good to note that these games can become additive and for some it can take over and run their lives so like Grandma used to say, “everything in moderation”.
Now on the flip side of this article many people including myself are concerned at the violence in many games that may be causing many people but mostly teens become violent and portray a violent image.  There are many games that as part of the game journey can increase your aggressive behavior, increase physiological arousal which is the fight or flight response, it can also increase aggressive emotions and thoughts and reduce your helping behavior which is when people are less likely to help one another.  These effects combined with foods and drinks that can greatly alter your psychical biology (people with diabetes who encounter severe mood swings) and add fuel to the fire with the results that are happening at this moment of young teenage kids getting into physical fights or arguing with their teachers and parents or being thrown in jail for disruptive and or criminal behavior and having their whole future washed down the river.   Even taking into account the person’s hostility, it is clear that exposure to violent games is connected to increased aggressive behavior as indicated by things like the degree of desensitization to which they get into. Desensitization is when someone gradually begins to feel that violence is normal and will view upon it as a person views a regular television show and feel no emotions because these games have depleted and reduced it and when games reward players for doing violent actions, it is easy to see how this could happen and even become additive.
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There is also some evidence that violent games can change the way people think.  In one study the scientist had two groups playing games, one of them a being a violent game. After playing the games where completed it was found that the group playing the violent game were more likely to adopt low moral behavior and living online can do even more damage especially in role playing games which can become a substitute for real life, and players can become immersed in the experience of living in an imaginary world.  Many studies have shown that young people who spend way too much time (more than a couple of hours per day, more on weekends) playing computer or video games do not do as well at school and computer games may also be linked to obesity. Playing an exciting game 2 or 3 hours before bed has been shown to cause sleep and memory problems in young people who end up with bad grades.
You can have a great and healthy time playing video games in moderation and add loads of robust to your health.

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