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Healthy Antioxidant Benefits of Tea Healthy Antioxidant Benefits of Tea
Buddhist have long known about the healing power of tea from its powerful healing properties to the powerful antioxidants in green and black tea... Healthy Antioxidant Benefits of Tea

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Buddhist have long known about the healing power of tea from its powerful healing properties to the powerful antioxidants in green and black tea to the restorative properties of various herbal blends as a cup of tea nowadays is an important and strong part of everyday life for those seeking to gain the great and calming health benefits of tea.  Tea can have incredible good effects on your health and actually requires lots of important and small ritualistic steps such as choosing the right leaves, and having the patience for the water to come to the right temperature, then knowing how long to steep it for and finally the wonderful and delicious ritual of sipping and enjoying each and every taste of it.

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Flavonoids are the healing substances in teas which is the natural antioxidant that is found in many natural plant derived foods.  Black tea is actually the biggest source of flavonoids in the American diet and should be taken more advantage of as this powerful antioxidants contained within this tea helps rid the body of molecules named free radicals which is a resulting product of damage which is done to the human body by natural pollution, unhealthy diet and natural aging process.  The thing is that these free radicals in the body’s cells are very unstable and seem to react in a negative manner with other crucial molecules like DNA which can cause a distortion and injure cellular levels in your body. This can be very dangerous as these malfunctions may lead to diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  It is important to note that these powerful antioxidants will prevent death from a heart attack by allowing blood vessels to relax thereby letting blood flow more evenly through the veins and thus lowering ones blood pressure and lowering the stress on the heart.

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These wonderful antioxidants are also thought to be behind the benefits of tea when it comes to dental care and maintenance as the black tea actually suppresses the growth of bacteria in the mouth that will cause cavities and gum disease as they actually interfere with the attachment of bacteria to the tooth surfaces.   It has been recommended by many dental hygienists for a person to rinse ones mouth with black or green tea may lead to better oral health.

Drinking hot tea will also help you to deter the onset of arthritis as it has been found by researchers that those who drink tea can actually lower their chances of getting rheumatoidal arthritis.   Drinking tea will also make and keep your bones strong as it will keep your bone mineral density higher.  Tea is also wonderful for those seeking to avoid cancer as green tea in this case can help to protect against esophageal and stomach cancers because it inhibits the growth of bladder cancer cells from forming.  These wonderful teas will also help you in your fight against the flu as it helps in boosting your immune system and can become your best defense against this cold and holiday season virus.  It has also been shown that those who gargled with cold black tea actually showed a higher immunity to the flu virus when compared with those who did not gargle with black tea.

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As we have now shown that it is very important to drink tea or to take up the drinking of tea as this wonderful herb will help you in enjoying all that life has to offer and more.