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Headache Bothering You? Headache Bothering You?
A headache is something that everyone gets during the course of their lives or at least once in awhile. The pain that can come... Headache Bothering You?

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A headache is something that everyone gets during the course of their lives or at least once in awhile. The pain that can come on for any number of reasons and the cure for most people is to take an aspirin or another headache pain removal.  There are many who do not want to pop pills to take care of their headaches so they just suffer through them. People who want an alternative cure for headaches, one that is natural and not chemical, will be happy to find out that there are numerous natural ways to get rid of a headache.

Some natural ways to get rid of a headache are:

Drink decaf. If coffee, tea or soda are your drinks of choice then you might be bringing on your headaches because of the caffeine in your drinks and one side effect of caffeine withdrawal is a headache and your head begins to tell you to drink that drink high in cafeine to get your kick. You can either get a caffeinated drink when that happens or start curbing the caffeine out of your diet altogether.
Mint. Mint is soothing, especially in teas. And it can be a great natural way to get rid of your headache. Peppermint water will work as well. Drink water. People get a headache because they are dehydrated and when you drink  diet soda drinks or energy drinks the toxic ingredients in them will . Getting some water in to your system can get rid of that headache. The best is to drink room temperature water  since water that is too cold can temporarily a headache.
Eat right. If you get headaches on a regular basis, it could largely be due to a food allergy or a vitamin that is missing from your diet so eat healthy and mind what you eat and how you feel afterwards so that you can prevent the headache from happening in the first place.
Breathing deeply can do wonders for a headache in general; it’ll be even more effective as a natural headache cure if you do it out in the fresh air while taking a walk or exercising.
Lemon or lime juice added to water or tea can be a natural cure for a headache. You can also take the peel of a lemon or lime and grind it up to make a paste. Applied to the face and forehead, this may be a headache cure as well because of the aromatherapy properties it has.
Take a nap. You might have a headache because you need some rest. This is especially true if your lack of sleep is causing you to strain your eyes during the day, resulting in a headache. If you can get away and take a nap when the headache comes on, you might wake up to find that it’s gone.

You should never let a headache ruin your whole day and by taking sound advice to mind you should be able to manage the next one just fine.