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Hate Exercising? Hate Exercising?
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer We need to lose weight and even dream of being in shape. We go as far as writing “working... Hate Exercising?

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

We need to lose weight and even dream of being in shape. We go as far as writing “working out”  on our  New Year’s list resolution every single year and if I am not mistaken some of you start all hyper up and  exercise the first month and forget about it afterwards. You might ask yourself why and come to the conclusion that you just hate exercising. It happens, one thing is not to be motivated and another issue is when you just hate it. The whole idea of having to do some movement gets you tired. Well don’t think you are the only one, for some of us working out is our passion, something we enjoy and make it a habit, but for others is just a pain. Even gyms are filled with people that see exercising more of like hard work than just being a healthy habit you do every day. For some researches this is only a set of mind.

hate exercising

Getting over the mental blocks that keep you from working out is the toughest part of getting in shape for a lot of people.

If you think about it, our mind is powerful and if you can just train your mind to think positive and feed it all the right ideas, your brain will eventually send signals to the rest of your body.  Have you heard the saying that says you are what you feed your mind.  It´s all a state of mind. Even faith comes by reading, listening and talking about God. So don’t lose time and start feeding your brain the right ideas. READ about fitness, research, watch videos and make it a daily thing to do. When you least expect it, this will be part of your schedule. Fitness should be part of your healthy lifestyle and not a hassle to you. Some, hate exercising without even given themselves the chance of reading about it or trying any of the different programs out there.

McCavanagh, Emily, AFAA, owner of Fitness Inspired Training in Boston says, “Put aside the concept of exercise as a deliberate, regimented activity that takes place in a gym and requires special clothes and focus on moving more in ways that are either fun or almost effortless.”

To help you be in the right set of mind and get you moving on learning and putting into practice many of the various exercise routines you should research first. Read and learn about some of the programs available for you. Visit websites about health and fitness and read some successful stories.

After learning about different programs of interest, you could better choose a workout partner with whom you could make some agreements for example. First, pact that you both  will be working out at a set schedule and if decided to be change it will be let know with anticipation. All of this just to make sure that both sides help support each other.  Second, train until your partner stops. You are more likely to keep working out if you feel some else´s workout depends on you. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your partner and fitness friend. Remember you are in this together.  It is known for example that drill sergeants have use this method to make sure groups suffer for the mistake of one in order to induce the other to shape and get on track.

Also make it a goal. Set daily assignments that will add to accomplishing your goal. Finishing goals will also be a good way to keep motivated and happy. You could mix it up by playing ping pong one day and have a hard workout another day. This is also a great way to release some dopamine, which helps us practice good and bad habits.  Don’t forget everytime you accomplish a goal make sure you indulge into a healthy reward, like for example a nice massage or just a sauna will help you feel relaxed afterwards.  The reward will help your brain associate it with your routine, helping you respond to it by exercising. Whatever it is, indulge yourself, just make sure it is healthy. There wouldn’t be any point if after a hard workout you end up at a bar at the end. No, no definitely a bad idea.

Also make sure you keep your workout shorts and more intense. For example lift more weight and not more repetitions. If you choose to run, cycle or swim do it as fast as you can for a short period of time, not for a long period of time.

Just try to move and play. You say and think you hate exercising, but does that mean you hate all types of physical activity, because there are also numerous amounts of activities you can do. Walking, gardening, dancing, hiking, climbing, boxing, playing catch, frisbee and why not brain challenges.  There has to be an activity for you, the idea is for you to move and play, don’t worry about losing calories or weights and repetition, only focus on getting to do an activity, any activity you choose is a great start. Just feel free to choose whatever works for you.