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Good Fitness Ideas To Get You Back On Track Good Fitness Ideas To Get You Back On Track
When is the best time for your body to exercise?  Are you a morning person or do you get your best performance at night? ... Good Fitness Ideas To Get You Back On Track

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When is the best time for your body to exercise?  Are you a morning person or do you get your best performance at night?  The time of day can make a difference if you really want to get the most out of your workout.  To make a workout routine truly last it has to be very flexible for the time that works best for you and although you may start with the best intentions it will probably not last.  Many people in gyms now-a-days are afraid to sweat or to have others see the  huffing and  puffing, but in my book get it all out and take a towel with you and most importantly stay well hydrated.  What a better way to get toxins out of your system and keep your inner organs well hydrated.   Sweating keeps your pores open and free to expel any toxins that may surface that otherwise would not of been able have been expelled through your skin and perhaps caused a pimple to form.  Water in and of itself is a fuel and should be treated as such with respect as every inner organ that you have depends on it as well as your heart in the manufacture of blood cells.   The human body can not go longer than 3 days without water before it begins to die.
Plan your upcoming week on the weekend.   Find some time to sit down and write or type in your task, dates, meetings, workout schedule, church meetings etc. for the week to come. Its best to write them on a piece of paper and tape it to your desktop. You will notice a vast improvement in your ability to stick and commit to your tasks easier and since you can see the objectives met and to be met.   You can remove loads of future frustration just by planning out your upcoming week and this is surely good for your heart and blood pressure.

Sometimes a change in friends, lifestyle and hang out spots can make a big difference in your health and fitness as having a life that entails running to the nearest sports bar right after work to see your current friends to hit the peak hours of happy hour and chasing those yummy and cold drinks with some of the best hot and greasy wings on this side of the hemisphere, but then again everything tastes out of this world after downing 3 happy hour pitchers chased with generous shots of happy hour shooters, 2 for 1 actually, in under two hours.  Yes those beers and greasy foods will get to you eventually, don’t believe me?  Go look in the mirror.   Booze is fat.
There is hope as long as you can commit without drugs that force you to, use your free will and break free.  Use what nature has to offer and opt for rushing to the gym after work to get those two for one health shakes at the gym’s “Health Bar”.  Between you and  me if your single and are really looking to find hot people just go to the gym.  If I had a choice between a dark bar lit only with neon lights and bartenders free pouring right into the customers mouths or a well lit gym with soft to medium toned music, people walking around with spandex shorts, sober, everyone’s thinking healthy and most are looking very….. healthy.   You must use whatever you have at your disposal to get you to commit to your gym schedule.  Most gyms in populated areas stay open till late if not all night so finding the time can no longer be an excuse for most.
Exercise is mostly about having a healthy body as it is about looking good  and your body should exude strength and life and most importantly having a strong and useful body often goes hand in hand with emotional self-empowerment.