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GMO Update: Victory! GMO Update: Victory!
by Jeff Clemetson, Managing Editor “I love the smell of organic food in the morning. It smells like… victory!” The above quote I obviously... GMO Update: Victory!

by Jeff Clemetson, Managing Editor

“I love the smell of organic food in the morning. It smells like… victory!”

The above quote I obviously made up, but I couldn’t help myself. With so much negative news lately about government shutdowns, possible defaults on our soverign debt, total gridlock and the general corruption of our political system fueled by a handful of billionares and corporations buying politicians to keep it that way, it is with joyful enthusiasm that I get to report on some good news in the fight against GMO foods. Not just one story of good news, but two. Yippee!

Senate defeats Monsanto Protection Act

GMO crop

GMO crops like this one will no longer be free from lawsuits if they wreck havoc on our environment and food system.

Last week, the Senate, led by Senator Barbara Mikluski (D-Maryland), stripped the rider that would have continued the law making Monsanto immune from legal reprocussions of their toxic chemicals and GMO plants. Mikulski has long been a champion of the causes related to the organic movement, food safety and GMO labeling.

The Monsanto Protection Act was first introduced by Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) in 2012 in secret by adding it to an unrelated spending bill to keep the government funded. The law attacks fundamental judiciary processes by exempting MOnsanto from possible coart orders to halt planting dangerous GMO crops and using the toxic chemicals they are sprayed with. Let’s say an organic farmer who neighbors a farmer who uses GMOs and pesticides finds his feilds contaminated and is loosing money because of it, Monsanto would be immune from lawsuits that would prevent them from continuing to plant the harmful crop. Also, if a GMO product is deemed unsafe, even if it is deemed so by a USDA scientist, Monsanto would still be able to plant and sell those products.

Here at Health and Fitness Talk, we’d like to thank Senator Mikulski and the other brave members of the Senate who voted to stand up to corporate greed and stand with family farms and consumers who deserve to produce and eat natural, healthy foods.

Hawaii close to banning GMOs

A recent vote by a council committee for the Big Island of Hawaii to band all open air cultivation of GMO crops passed with 6-2 vote, making the island one step closer to becoming nearly GMO free (papaya on the island is already too contaminated with GMOs to ever be free of them). Islands like Hawaii that have fragile ecosystems are especially vulnerable to the effects of GMOs and the toxic chemiclas used with them. Similar actions on the other islands such as Maui have been tried but so far have ended up being defeated by one or two corrupt council members who are bought off by companies like Monsanto or Dow.

The full council is expected to vote on Oct. 16 and we are all hopeful for a victory.