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Getting Ready For Emergency Situations Getting Ready For Emergency Situations
With all the natural events of these days with hurricanes, earthquakes, floods even epidemics happening around the globe its always a good thing because... Getting Ready For Emergency Situations

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With all the natural events of these days with hurricanes, earthquakes, floods even epidemics happening around the globe its always a good thing because when normal life is disrupted you will have to fend for yourself for a while.  The basic advice given out there is that everyone should have enough water and food to last them two weeks.   This should also include a well stocked first aid kit, gloves, disinfectants, toilet paper and other hygiene items.  Some have also added that a portable GPS device, portable kitchen burners with tank, multi-frequency radios, compass and lighters should also be included.
keep in mind that if you eat beans all day long you may be fine for a while but you need to include a variety of foods especially those with essential nutrients that are enjoable and as close to normal eating as possible.
to start your purchacing dont think about doing it all at once at the total reciept will send you screaming out the door, but instead buy a little each time you go shopping, and this is where those cupons come in handy as many coupons focus on items that can be stored on a shelf for long periods of time and without refrigeration so its best to focus on canned, jarred, dried and preserved fruits and foods and other non-perishable items.  The foods should also be as ready to eat as possible with little or no heating.  If you do not know how to cook or just cant, then buy already made or prepared foods and if you do know how to cook then buy the basic ingredients that any kitchen has like flour, salt, sugar, yeast, nuts, dried vegies etc.  If you are thinking about buying lots of food items in large cans like corn per say remember that once you open these items they are exposed to air and air will rot these foods sooner than later so think more about small cans.  You can also keep items like salami and peperonni in the fridge, and cheese, fruits and vegetables in your pantry as well.  Its always good to store lots of natural organic multivitamin supplements and will give your body extra energy on the days that you dont eat much.
If you have pets dont forget about their food as well and to store this in dark cool conditions.
If you have enough land on your property or a couple of pots then start your own veggie garden as this will increase your self reliance when it all does hit the fan and food is nowhere to be found.

A sample checklist could go something like:
breakfast cereals
dried veggies like beans, corn and peas.
canned fruit
canned tuna
milk powder
dried soups

Meal ideas can include

Rice with canned tuna, and canned tomatoes and beans
pasta with tomato sauce
fried rice with nuts, corn and peas
canned chicken and vegetable soup
Rice with salami and cheese
beans and rice
rice and beans
lentle soup with crackers and cheese

Make sure to combine ingredients to make a properly nutritious meal which should include a carb food like pastas, rice, potatoes, protein food like canned fish, salami, bacon, cheeses and buts and fiber like from veggies.